Pastor’s Perspective 02-05-19

I have written before about the joy of praying with my grandsons at bedtime. Most recently, Caleb (3) has been asking me to help him pray. Carson (5) asks me what else he can pray for. What a joy and a privilege to teach my grandchildren how to talk to God! My parents did the same thing for me. My earliest childhood memory is family devotions. With my three younger sisters, we gathered every evening to read the Bible together and pray. Looking back, that family tradition had a profound impact on me and the development of my faith.

Next Sunday, I will preach from perhaps the most familiar passage in the book of Deuteronomy. The Shema was one of the most important texts in the entire Old Testament for the Israelite people and remains so today for the adherents of Judaism. Jesus quoted from this specific text when He was asked what the greatest commandment is. These verses are important because they reveal how God’s people are to pass on the faith to future generations. The primary place to do that is in the home. And the primary teachers are parents. A recent study conducted by Life Way Research confirms – yet again – that the most influential voice young people listen to for biblical truth when it comes to the big questions of life are their parents. Pastors and other clergy are second. Parents (and grandparents) cannot afford to waste this opportunity or abdicate this responsibility!

Not knowing what I would be preaching on next week, one father pulled me aside last Sunday and said he is thinking about writing down some of the specific ways God has worked in his life over the years and sharing them with his son. My response? Go for it! Absolutely! This is exactly what young people today need and what we need to be doing. Far too many have no one to teach them or to model a life of faith for them. To be honest, I have concerns about the culture my grandchildren will grow up in. But I also know that God is actively working to reconcile this fallen world to Himself. He is going to need people in every generation to be sources of His love and light. It is our responsibility to prepare our children and grandchildren to be His instruments to accomplish His purpose. I pray that He – and they – find us faithful.

See you Sunday! ~ John