Pastor’s Perspective 01-29-19

It’s amazing how much someone can say in just five minutes. That was the time limit I gave to the seven individuals we ordained as deacons Sunday afternoon. Each testimony was thoughtfully prepared and well-delivered. With refreshing transparency, all seven opened their hearts to give us an inside glimpse of God’s amazing work in their lives. There were poignant examples of God’s grace. Gratitude for the ministry of the local church and the impact of our church. Clear examples of God’s leadership and the sense of purpose only He can provide. Deacon after deacon, their testimonies spoke of God’s faithfulness through the twists and turns of life, and His abundant blessings as they sought His will and surrendered their lives to Him.

All of this was on the heels of a great morning of worship here at Snyder. With a focus on the holiness of God, Giles and Richard put together services that brought us into His presence. One first-time visitor in the early service said she would definitely be back next Sunday. One long-time member in the 11:00 service described how the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” with the orchestra lifted his soul. The silence that immediately followed allowed him to process God’s holiness and made him feel like he was on holy ground. Others from both services commented on the impact the morning’s worship had on them.

As I continue to process the blessings of a great Lord’s Day, I can’t help but think what took place here Saturday morning played a key role. Our women’s annual prayer brunch. After sharing a meal together, the 70 or so women broke into ten groups and made a prayer walk through the church building. They stopped at ten different locations, praying for specific things at each. Our church’s present and future. Our community, city, state and world. Wednesday night ministries. The ministers and ministerial staff. Our military families, past and present. All of our ministries to children and youth. Adult and children’s choirs. Adult Sunday School classes, men’s and women’s ministries. All groups met together in the sanctuary at the end to pray for our worship services and those who listen on the radio or over livestream. Given the power of prayer and the willingness of a Holy God to answer prayers consistent with His will, I don’t find it coincidental at all that Sunday was such a great day of worship.

See you Sunday! ~ John