Pastor’s Perspective 01-28-2020

I remember how impactful the newly elected deacon testimonies were last year and was eagerly anticipating Sunday’s deacon ordination service. I was not disappointed. We heard about God’s faithfulness through the dark days after the premature death of a baby. A story about a nurse who persistently and patiently told everyone she met about her best friend, Jesus, even though she was dying with cancer. A testimony of a woman who just wanted someone to love her. She found that love in her marriage and, more importantly, in her relationship with Jesus. And we heard from a man who found his way to Christ out of a Jewish background. Each testimony was powerful. Together, they proclaimed a loving God who is always faithful.

I am sitting her in my office the morning after, thinking about the power of our own stories and how I wish we all would be as willing to share with the transparency we heard on Sunday afternoon. There are people all around us who need to know God in a personal way. One of the absolute best ways to reach them is through our personal stories. They are looking for real people with real faith. They’re waiting for someone to share their journey of faith with them.

The value of our personal testimonies is at least threefold. First, they give us opportunity to praise God with our lips. To testify to His love and faithfulness throughout our lives, and especially in our darkest hours. He is worthy of our praise and we should always be ready to give Him the honor and glory He alone deserves. Second, our testimonies are a huge encouragement to others. Other believers especially. It helps them know they are not the only ones experiencing the trials and tribulations that come from living in a fallen world. It gives them hope that God cares about them and is willing and able to help them in their circumstances. Third, our testimonies can be a great witness to others who don’t yet know Jesus in a personal way. As they listen to our stories and see us living out our faith sustained by God’s all-sufficient grace, they can’t help but know that we have something they desperately need and want. That something is someone. Jesus. I encourage you to think about – and write out – your story. How Jesus has changed your life. And then share it. I promise you someone needs to hear it.

See you Sunday! ~ John