Pastor’s Perspective 01-21-2020

I write these words on the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and remember his dream for our country. We are still a far cry from the unity he envisioned, and in some ways are as divided as we’ve ever been. I am absolutely convinced that the only way our nation is ever going to come together is under the lordship of Jesus Christ. He is the only One capable of uniting us in spite of our many differences. This is precisely why I grieve the push in our culture to remove Christ from all public discourse… in the name of separation of Church and State. I fully understand the importance of freedom of religion. For everyone. Still, God’s people in America are uniquely postured to help our country find more unity and civility.

There has been a movement here in Fayetteville that started in 2012 called AsONE. The first year was a simple prayer walk through downtown Fayetteville with the slogan, “God Belongs in My City.” Thousands of people of all races and denominations participated. I was privileged that day to walk part of the way with our mayor who came out to show his personal support and faith. The events associated with this movement have evolved over the years as its leaders try to find ways to unite believers throughout our city with the firm conviction it will bring our city closer together and make us better and stronger.

This spring marks the 7th anniversary. Seven isn’t a magical number, but it is significant in the Bible. In the book of Joshua we read the account of the fall of Jericho. God’s people were instructed to walk around the city for seven days. And 7X on the 7th day. The priests blew the trumpets. The people shouted on command. The wall around the city collapsed. I met last week with a diverse group of pastors from around our city. We talked a bit about the significance of this being our 7th year and doing everything we can to achieve unity in our city. One event new this year is a plan to enlist enough prayer warriors from within our churches to pray for every citizen in our city – by name – every day during the month of March. Each prayer warrior will be given 15 names for the month. If you would like to participate in this prayer effort, please call the church office before February 15th and let us know. We will get you your names NLT March 1st. This year’s prayer walk is on the 4th of April at Festival Park.

See you Sunday! ~ John