Pastor’s Perspective 01-07-2020

I find myself unusually excited and energized about this New Year. Even acknowledging and addressing directly in my first sermon in 2020 the challenges facing the church in America today, I am optimistic about the future, and specifically about the opportunities before us here at Snyder. The potential of our church is unlimited! Especially if we invite God to do what only He can do in and through us. Someone strongly recommended I include my points from Sunday’s sermon in this column to reinforce ways we can proactively be a vibrant church in a culture that is witnessing the decline of Christianity. Here they are:

We must remain focused on our primary mission: making disciples. Jesus calls us to follow Him. To be disciples who make disciples. (2) We need to honor the Word of God in our church and in our individual lives. That is the key to inviting God to do what only He can in our midst. He promises prosperity, success and blessings for those who are careful to obey His Word. (3) Parents must be intentional about bringing their children up both in the Lord and in the local church. It takes only one generation for a family and a culture to fall away from faith in God. It happened to God’s people right after they entered the Promised Land. Statistics show it is happening in America today. (4) We need to share Christ with the lost in our circles of influence. All of us know people who need Jesus. God has given us the ministry of reconciling them to the Father through Christ. Who’s Your ONE? (5) We need to invest our time, our talents and our treasure in Kingdom work through the local church. As members of the Body of Christ, we all have a responsibility to fulfill our role for the common good. Find your place and do your part. (6) We need to embrace our 2020 Vision. We must always explore new ways we can better make disciples. And we must act now to position our church for success in the future.

I will begin a new three-month series this coming Sunday on invitations from Jesus. As we study the New Testament, we find Him constantly inviting people to follow Him. As we will see, His invitations mean changes in our lives – often both uncomfortable and radical – but all for our benefit.

See you Sunday! ~ John