Pastor’s Perspective 01-02-19

  I have recently taken up the game hide-and-seek again. Our grandchildren have a ball playing with the adults in their lives. We adults might get a little too much pleasure from scaring them when they find us. The seekers count to a certain number and then shout “ready or not, here we come!” This traditional warning is apropos as we begin a new year. Ready or not, 2019 is here. None of us can know what the future holds. Given the flurry of ministry related activity at the close of 2018, we are likely to experience our share of changes and challenges – expected and not – in this New Year. While we don’t know what 2019 will bring, we can be sure of some pretty significant things as we replace last year’s calendar with this year’s.

We know that God is still on His throne, working out His plan and purpose in this world. We know that God’s promises to us – both in this life and in the next – still hold true. All of them. We know that nothing will happen to us this year apart from His permissive will or beyond His grace to endure. We can be relatively sure that some of us or our loved ones will go home to be with the Lord in 2019. We know that we are all one day closer to Jesus’ return and the end of this world as we know it than we were yesterday. And we know that the New Year will bring all of us new opportunities to live out His calling in our lives until He does return. Opportunities to grow in our relationship with Him, to share Christ with the folks He has placed in our lives, and to serve others in His name.

Early 2019 will bring us the 2020 Vision Committee’s report that they have been developing for over a year now. Their charge has been to determine what our church needs to do to more effectively accomplish our mission to make disciples in the future. My message this coming Sunday will address that same theme. As I think about 2019, my thoughts are less about me and any personal goals and more about being faithful to my calling as pastor of this church. I want Snyder Memorial Baptist Church to be all it can be for Christ. I announced last Sunday that I will be preaching through the Bible in 2019. I will lay out three specific challenges for all of us as we begin this New Year. Together, we can have a great year advancing God’s kingdom here.

See you Sunday! ~ John