Pastor Perspective 02-11-2020

I know this is the week of Valentine’s Day, but I’ve got a Christmas carol going through my mind. The actual title is, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” But it is the question raised in the first verse that is ringing in my ears. Do you see what I see? Things are not always as they appear. Nor are we always aware of what is often going on behind the scenes.

Last Saturday’s Keen-Teen banquet was the 25th anniversary of this special event here at Snyder. An event designed specifically to connect our youth and senior adults on an evening filled with food, fun, and fellowship. This year’s theme was the Wizard of Oz. Our youth practiced for many hours over multiple days to put on a wonderful presentation of this classic movie. They – and their leaders – essentially gave up an entire weekend for our senior adults. They clearly enjoyed doing so and our senior adults were equally appreciative. The meal was delicious. The costumes and decorations were excellent. The fellowship around the tables with our youth interspersed at every table in a packed fellowship hall was warm and delightful. The servers – all youth parents – were exceptional. It was a perfect evening that accomplished its intended purpose.

I didn’t learn until after the final curtain what had happened in the kitchen. Jelisa had given birth the day before and came in earlier on Saturday to make sure all was on track for the meal. One of her primary staff had been in a car accident and broke her wrist. She was there all day to ensure everything got done. I watched many youth parents hustle all evening to wait on tables, serve the meal, refill drinks and clear dishes. I watched those same parents break down all the tables and help reset hundreds of chairs for the 8:40 worship service the next morning. I saw a church being intentional about connecting its different generations with each other. I saw parents serving their children and the wonderful senior adult population in our church. I saw youth honoring the generations that have come before them. I saw youth leaders pouring themselves into our youth to encourage their spiritual formation and love for the local church. I saw Snyder being Snyder. Do you see what I see? We have something very special here!

See you Sunday! ~ John