Our Pastor

Dr. Andy Wakefield – Interim Pastor

Andy Wakefield was born in Chattanooga, TN, but quickly left with his parents to go to the Philippines, where his parents served as missionaries for twelve years, and then to Singapore for three years, before moving to Richmond, VA, where his father served as the Regional Vice President for Asia at the International Mission Board. Andy went to Wake Forest University for his undergraduate degree, worked for three years as a microcomputer programmer and consultant, and then went to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. On the first day of orientation he met Olivia, who had just returned from two years as a journeyman missionary to Japan. Just over ten months later they were married, and this summer they will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. They have two daughters and as of May 4th, one granddaughter.

Andy’s calling has always included teaching, and he and Olivia followed that calling to North Carolina for Andy to pursue a PhD in New Testament at Duke University. His dissertation, The Hermeneutical Significance of Paul’s Citation of Scripture in Galatians 3:1-14, was published by Brill Academic Press. He has written most of a commentary on Galatians which will be finished “one of these days now,” and a textbook on Biblical Greek. His ongoing research interests include the theology of Paul and the nature of visions as a key to understanding the book of Revelation. He has served on the faculty at Campbell University Divinity School since 1997 and became Dean in 2010. Along the way he has served more than a dozen churches as interim pastor and has served in many more churches through supply preaching, leading Bible studies and retreats, and consulting through times of transition and conflict resolution.