Myanmar Mission Trip – Day 6

To experience a day in a life of another person that God loves in a world so extremely different than my own is an experience I recommend for each of us. It surely helps me on my walk with the Lord in becoming a more well-rounded growing Christian. It will definitely open up your heart more for others, it will increase your passion for His Word to be spread out further, and it will put a face on the reality of the hard life others face each day. For me it has motivated me to try and live so that when others see me or hear me or know me they will be drawn to God and want to know Him more for the purpose of bringing Him glory. The Holy Spirit puts that desire in me and in all of us. We were born with the capacity the capability to know Him in a personal, permanent relationship and being on this mission trip has really helped me grow in this area of my walk with Him. God gave me the opportunity at this time in my life to hug the hurting, hold hands with the wanting of another person’s heart to know Jesus, the voice to say Jesus loves you and He is the Way the Truth and the Life and the wisdom to see a great need for someone and be able to fill that need.  But most of all, God gave me the ability to walk behind our Lord wherever He led me putting my feet in His just stepped footprints following Him on a great adventure journey that He called me to come and be a part of with Him. I want to thank everyone for praying for us, encouraging us, and supporting us. You were really a vital part to this mission trips success. Praise the Lord!  Lisa King

Today we met Hung Kee Paing’s Elder. He took us to visit The Brethren Assembly. We also met Ronnie Tin Mung Tun. I say it like this. Ronnie De Mountain. He is 88 years old and such a man full of Godly wisdom. He spoke English well. He is from the Judson lineage, the man who translated the Bible into the Burmese language.  Both Pastor Bruce and I, after listening to him, said we think we just spoke with a highly sacred man of God. He spoke with such wisdom of the word and it just flowed from his tongue that both of us were just hanging on to every ounce that came from him.

After that,  we went and shopped for some much much needed kitchen appliances to help with all the load of people Thing Kee feeds regularly.  She does not have to depend on a wooden stove now for meals, which takes so long to cook when you are feeding so many. I tell you it really was something they had been needing and praying for. They did not ask for it but the Lord laid on my heart to enquire about it and when I did, the truth came flooding out. They expected something humbly simple. But being a woman, I said show me what you really need and pastor Bruce and I walked her through store making sure she received everything needed. You would have thought she lost 50 lbs off her shoulders when she realized what all was about to be hers. We called it a house warming gift party.


Surprise, you get it all!

happy faces

Loaded up!