Myanmar Mission Trip – Day 4

The Unsung Life of a Pastor’s Wife

Thing Kee is in the middle of the picture

Someone should write a song about it. Or it could titled, The Silent Unseen Servant. The wife of Pastor Hung Kee Paing is who I observed today and want to give a shout out to God for. She takes care of 20 children daily and all their needs. Part of it includes cooking homemade meals for them personally to taking them to three different school locations. No store bought frozen precooked meals since they have no refrigerator. Not only does she teach the children on Sundays, she also cooks rice and other such foods for all her church members so they can at least count upon having something to eat for the day (and ladies, it is not an easy “hotplate” as they call it to cook on). Sleep will always be a wanted thing, but not always something afforded to her. She prays regularly her family, her church family, and the lost along beside her husband, which sometimes means they are down upon their knees together in the middle of the night. She keeps things organized and is always attentive, not only to all her children’s needs, but to her church families needs as well. She puts her faith into action every day and counts upon God to provide even when there is no way possible to be seen and silently helps church members individual dire needs. She is the backbone to her husband as she supports him in all his evangelistic travels, giving sincere encouragement, and cheering him on as he leads forward in his calling to minister to the Myanmar children and people. Last but not least, she is not afraid to be bold and stand up and give her testimony about God and His faithfulness in front of the whole congregation and to whoever will listen. Some may say, “wow, what a saint! “  But in reality she is just a human and her road is difficult; she needs our extra prayers. Who is this unsung wife? Who is this silent servant? Her name is Thing Kee.  Please remember her, for I surely know God has her name written down in the palm of one hand and an ocean of tears in the other.   Lisa King

Today we went to the village Yuzana and did our “God is Good” VBS…. the children got to use paint markers to decorate their backpacks!