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resized i am familyGod’s design for discipleship starts in the home and we know that “family” comes in all shapes and sizes.  So this section has goodies for the church, nuclear and extended families of Snyder.  Enjoy!

Intergenerational Worship and Service are two foundational concepts in our disciple-making strategy.  We believe faith is caught and not simply taught.  Students of all ages have to “see” the Christian life and not only hear about it in the classroom.  Every day you live with your family, but are you intentionally aware that you are modeling, teaching and learning all at the same time?

We love partnering with parents to “raise up a child in the way they should go”.  Check out all of our ministry options to see what works best for your family.

We want each person to find their place of service.  We offer “Living Your Strengths” classes for new members, but these classes are not just for new members.  Learning about your strengths will help connect you to your place or service, your calling to God’s plan and purpose for your life here at Snyder.  We believe you are gifted for worship, service and to grow in your relationships.

If want to know more about  finding your place of service, go to our Ministry & Mission page and click on the logo at the bottom of the page.