Kenya Youth Mission Trip, Day 7

Kenya Blog Post Day 7 by Giles Blankenship

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

In our Father s house there are many many rooms. Jesus prepares a place for us. In our Fathers house there is singing and worship. Holy holy holy is the Lord almighty, who was and is and is to come; a place where laughter rings, smiles beam, and joy is as tangible as a friends’s embrace. God’s light is there and illuminates everything. Vibrant love for each other becomes reality’s and wholeness and hope are no longer a dream. THIS is heaven!

And I no longer have to imagine it. I have seen it with my own eyes, experienced it in my own heart, heard it with my own ears, tasted and touched it. And It’s right here in Kenya. It’s in the open handed hospitality, ebullient joy, and passion for Jesus of the teachers, staff, learners, administrators, pastors, hosts and new friends of Mohi. 

We think so much if heaven as a far away place in a distant future in the other side of this life that our prayer, “Thy Kingdom come, they will be done, in earth as it is in heaven is likewise tied to a place that, glorious and wonderful and desired and assured as it is, lives only on the other side of this life and at the end of all things. Not true! And forgive us Lord when we forget “on earth as it is in heaven” is a bold Spirit filled plea as well as active, hopeful participation in the work Hod would do – and is doing – right NOW. 

Friends, heaven is a man named Paul living in an 8×8 tin shack in the Mathare slum whose sole prayer request is Gods peace for the upcoming elections in Kenya. Heaven is tiny and readily given acts of help and kindness shown from one elementary student to another. Heaven is the quick and the nredined celebration for the winning team…by the “losers”!! I’m not making this up. Heaven is a place where all know they are lived and special and where the acts and language of welcome and hospitality are spoken fluently and experienced without need of a translator. Heaven is 10 or 1000 voices lifted in loud jubilant song in honor of God. Heaven is a bus driver who calls you Lafiki (“Friend”). 

This has been our experience throughout this week and our day in Joska Boarding School was no different. A generous breakfast for the guests that’s us, an eagerness to appreciate the work God is doing, a thousand “learners” and staff gathered in worship to thank and celebrate the King of kings, a time of sharing our gifts and talents – us with them and them with us and all of us together. Sophie and Emma Claire clogged and their appreciation was deafening, 10,000 Reasons led by their choir with Heather and me really did sound like it was sung with 10,000 voices. Jon preached. Davis drummed in a table top in a classroom. Kaitlyn when speaking about her talent for science and math to a classroom of high school students elicited a contagious excitement (if chemical engineering doesn’t work out for her – like it won’t, right? Ha! – I hope my grandchildren have her as a teacher!). 

We finished the day with a quick trip through the country side from Joska to the boarding school for high school boys at Ndovoini, where is also located at be of the two farms that supply fruits and vegetable to all 32 MOHI schools and is the one place that bottles safe, clean water (“Maji Safi”) for all MOHI campuses throughout Kenya. 

Heaven in earth is these 32 MOBI schools across Kenya reaching 25,000 Children. And their dream is for 68 more in the next 10 years reaching 100,000 children for Jesus, let alone the uncounted parents, grandparents, communities and villages who will come to know the powerful, practical, present, and palpable love of Jesus in the process. 

Let us continue to partner with them in this vision as we make our prayer, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. And what about you? What about me? How will the Lord use us to bring Jesus to the world and make heaven in our hearts, our homes, our speech, our care as we extend the welcome of Christ in all that we do.  

Kingdom come in earth as it is in heaven 

I know heaven to the very core of my being. And it’s here in Kenya in and through the work of God and his people.