Instrumental Groups

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Sanctuary Handbell Choir is for adults who can read music and have some previous playing experience. They meet on Sunday evenings from 6:15-7:30 p.m. in the Handbell Room, Rm B1052.

Snyder Orchestra includes advanced level high school players, college students, and several adults with extensive playing experience. We also have several professional musicians from our area who assist with this ministry. Participation requires at least 5 years of group or private instruction. Individuals with less experience may audition. The group performs approximately twelve times each year.

Date Event
September 11 Play for 11am Worship
October 2 Play for 11am Worship
November 6 Play for 11am Worship
December 1 thru 4 Singing Christmas Tree
January 8 Play for 11am Worship
February 5 Play for 11am Worship
March 5 Play for 11am Worship
April 9 Play for 11am Worship
April 30 Play for 11am Worship
April 30 Snyder Spring Concert @ 4:30pm