I’m New


questions-1024x377 Questions are a great way to get to know someone.  Here’s a few common questions people ask, but feel free to contact one of our ministers if your question(s) are not found here.
NewToChristianity_WebTitle_MJB That’s AWESOME and we want to journey with you as you continue to take steps of faith with Jesus.   We believe Christianity is centered around a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  He came, lived, died and was raised to new life so that we can be set free from the curse of sin and be restored in our relationship with God Almighty.  Here are a few next steps for you to consider.
  • Tell others you believe in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior
  • Experience Believer’s Baptism
  • Read the Gospel of John or Mark to better understand Jesus.
  • Attend Meet & Greet
  • Attend the Next Discovery Class
  • Visit a Sunday School Class
  • Find a Mentor/Coach who can answer some of your questions in a personal way.
MyStory Sometimes the best way to grow in your understanding of faith is to talk about your past and to reflect on how God has brought you to where you are today.  What’s your story?  We would love to hear as much or as little as you are willing to share.  The following are a few simple questions to get you started.  Don’t feel like you have to answer every question, but it is helpful to write down your memories, thoughts and insights in a journal or diary.
  • Where did you grow up?
  • What was your favorite childhood memory?
  • What was your family like?  brothers/sisters, parents, vacations?
  • What did you learn about God, faith, love, Jesus, the Bible growing up?
  • Have you experience the loss of a loved one?  If so, how did you handle your grief?
  • When dealing with disappointment, unmet expectations or heartbreak what helps you feel better?