Haiti – Day 7

Friday February 17th, waking up to our last work day in Haiti. This has been an experience comparable to none! Waking up to strong smells of dark Haitian coffee and the harmonizing vocals of young proud students every morning has really been a blessing. This has been my first trip to Haiti and certainly not my last. Today’s task are to complete the wall at the church of Cite Soleil and to installing two sinks at Terre Noire. If you’ve ever been to Haiti before though, you know that no task comes easily. My dad and I work patiently while fighting complications with the waterlines and sink fittings that he purchased locally the day before. Many of the fittings are egg shaped or have different diameters than the line we are trying to tie into. The Lord provided though, and we were able to complete the sinks with worthy fittings before lunch and begin our travel to Cite Soleil by a tap tap to help the others complete the church wall. All in all everyone in our team completed the task they came to accomplish and many were able to visit their sponsored Haitian children. While on the way home in the tap tap I stared out the window watching the Haitian people zipping by to and fro. These people face day to day some of the most discouraging challenges in which many of us American’s would simply give up or mutter words, yet they smile and sing songs of worship praising him while walking home. We have been blessed by an experience many people don’t get to witness and I thank God for this inspiring opportunity he let me become a part of. This is certainly not an experience I’ll ever forget. Thank you to Snyder and the people of Snyder for this life changing opportunity.

-Alden Smith


What a blessed, glorious week in Haiti! What a joy to work side by side with the Haitian natives! The children stole my heart. They are ALL so beautiful. It was a great privilege to visit in the classrooms & form bonds with teachers and their precious children. I may be a senior, but the Lord is not through with me yet. Who knows where he will send me & when the opportunity may present itself. Will I be ready to say “Here am I send me”?

Visiting in two of the three churches of Haiti Outreach Ministries was an unforgetable experience. All are non-denominational Christian churches & the pews are filed three times a week. Experiencing the 40 minutes of praise prior to prayers & the message is a unifying experience in Christ. They sang the hymns in French & I was able to sing them in English. Oh what joyful singing accompanied by their talented praise band! I shall long remember our joint singing of “Pass me not oh gentle Savior, Hear my humble cry.  While on others thou art calling, Do not pass me by. Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry. While on others thou art calling. Do not pass me by”. We sang it in humility, as a plea, with reverence, with expectation with a deep request & finally with joy. Very moving. We sang ALL the verses many times until they became a part of our being.

Now on a lighter note, on to the lunch food situation. George really did have it worked out right to the last slice of cheese and ham & turkey. And we had wraps for all the sandwiches and we fed a multitude of Haitians besides our team of 12. Our motto was “No one goes hungry & all enjoy the same food we enjoy.” We ended up packing 30 lunches each evening; good lunches with chips, cookies, olives, pickles & a variety of other goodies. After dinner mints were included each day. After day one we had to stipulate, If you don’t work you cannot come & eat. We had one of the Haitian job leaders turn away the con artists & free loaders. All ate well, all worked hard & our mission goals were all accomplished! Praise the Lord! Alleluia, as they say in Haiti.

We leave for the airport at 6:30 am. Time to sign off. In Christian love, Nancy Widman

JoJo making friends!

Completed concrete wall inside Cité Soleil church

Future dreams for Barge Fe High School