• Giving becomes ministry that results in changed lives. 

Understanding the 3 Ts is a great place to start in your area of giving.  They are limited resources that everyone possesses, but how we choose to spend them is eternally important.




Choose Wisely:

All of us only have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in week and 52 weeks in a year, but how we choose to spend this time can vary greatly.  How we choose to prioritize this time is called our stewardship of life. It includes our work, rest, play, family time, etc. and is influenced by priorities and values.

Is Jesus your number one priority and do you value the same things he values?  In order to be a healthy disciple of Jesus we believe it is important to be balanced and intentional in how we choose to live.

You can begin by making a quick check-list of your ideal budget for your time in a given week. For example, do you spend 50%-work; 20%-sleeping; 10% – volunteering; 10% – playing; 10% – doing chores.

Next, keep a log of how you actually spend your time each day for one week.  At the end of the week compare your ideal with your reality.

What changes does Jesus want you to make in order to better align your values and to express your faith and commitment to Him

What are your strengths?

We encourage everyone at Snyder to “Find Their Place and Do Their Part.  To do that we offer classes to new members and attenders on “Living Your Strengths.”

Living Your Strengths will show you how to use your innate gifts to enrich your faith community. The book will help you identify and affirm your talents, and how to use them for growth and service. Most importantly, Living Your Strengths will help you discover your true calling. The book will include an ID code that will access, a personality assessment that will help reveal your top five talents.

living your strengths

Visit our SERVE tab to find ways to use your strengths to be the hands and feet of Christ.
Multiple ways to give:We exchange our time for money, but how we then choose to spend this resource is also an opportunity to express our faith.  In addition to gifts placing cash or checks in the weekly offering, you can contribute by GIVING ONLINE by debit card, credit card or bank check (user name and password required)

For your convenience, three other options are available:

  • Automatic Bank Draft – you can direct us to draft your account monthly
  • Envelopes – personalized giving envelopes will be mailed to your home
  • Investing through the SMBC Foundation.  For more info please click here.

If you have questions or would like assistance with any of these options please contact Geron or Paula at 910-484-3191, ext. 285 or ext. 225 or by e-mail: or