From The Pastor Search Committee 11-09-2021

From the Pastor Search Committee
Thirty years ago the first in a series of For Dummies was introduced into print. It is an extensive series of reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered. Unfortunately, there is no such edition for Pastor Search Committees. So, how does that work?
First, let’s examine how we got here. The Reverend John Cook, our Senior Pastor, submitted his resignation to the Deacons in April of this year. John’s last Sunday was June 13, 2021, having faithfully served Snyder for 12 great years, after retiring from the US Army. Per the church’s constitution, the Deacon Moderator, Brad Hurley, assembled a Nominating Committee in July, who was charged with recommending a 9-person Pastor Search Committee. Since church approval of the committee in late August, we have met 7 times.
So, how does the PSC find a Pastoral candidate? Well, it is a lot different these days. In previous times, the committee’s only avenue would often require travel to hear multiple different pastors. Like many parts of church, this process is changing and evolving with new technology and media access. The committee will be using several resources to find candidates. One is the Center for Healthy Churches, a resource to help us as a search committee with the process of identifying and promoting the church’s needs. This will, also, help us more effectively hear what you, the congregation, values in a Senior Pastor. Already, we have explored various media and printed materials to assist us.
The PSC will have a planning retreat in late November and will then schedule some congregational gatherings. At this point, YOUR input will be crucial in the pastor search process. Together, we will build both a church and pastor profile that will guide us toward God’s candidate for pastor. At some point in the future, the committee will have a short list of candidates, then interviews and visits will happen. Confidentiality in these final steps protect both the candidate and the church.
Paul reminds us in Romans 12, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is.” Each person on the PSC is committed to you, the congregation, and to continually seek the Holy Spirit to renew and guide us to know God’s will for the calling of Snyder’s next pastor.
Pastor Search Committee – Mark Ingram, Chairman