Day 3 & 4 Week Reflection

Wow!  Where to begin?  As we arrived here at camp, our fun began immediately and we “hit the ground running.”  Our camp experience over the last four days has been an amazing one for so many reasons!

On day one, we learned that GOD IS ENOUGH and that He is all we need.  No matter what, God is more than enough and that His light is always there for us, even when we may face times of trouble.

On day two, we learned that WE ARE ENOUGH.  We are unique and made to be exactly who God created us to be!  Wow!  What a wonderful thing to know how special we are to Him!  He doesn’t make mistakes!  I AM ENOUGH!

Day 3’s focus and theme was THERE IS ENOUGH!  We learned about those people around the world, like the Roma people, who live their lives by enduring daily hardships of poverty and hunger.  We reflected on how blessed we truly are and learned about the importance of sharing our blessings with others who may need more.  We learned how we are called to share what we have been given.  THERE IS ENOUGH for everyone!  We even sang a popular song from Disney’s “High School Musical” titled “We’re All in This Together” as we thought of ways to help others.

During our worship service, we were also able to put our words into action by giving our offering to help the Roma people.  I pray that our kiddos remember and are encouraged to keep their heart of giving and sharing with others.  THERE IS ENOUGH!

So…that brings me to today, Day 4.  Wow!  Is it already time to leave?!?  During our last Bible Devotion time together, the kiddos were challenged to say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!” They learned about Jesus’ boldness in the Temple when He saw that it had become a “Den of Thieves.”  He took a stand when He needed to defend what He knew was right…and we encourage our kiddos to do the same in the world around them.  Some were asked to share what they want to say “ENOUGH” to and here are just a few:

“I say Enough of bullying, hunger, things that are wrong, people hurting and violence.”  Wow!  How profound!  After all that they’ve experienced and learned, now it’s time to stand together, be bold for God and say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!

In closing, thank you to the parents who were able to send your children with us this week.  It has truly been a week to remember!  In fact, we had two of our campers to ask Jesus to become their personal Lord and Savior! Praise Him!  Thank you as well to all those who have prayed us up before and during our time here!  We can’t wait until next year!!!

And until then, pray that we always remember…GOD IS ENOUGH!  I AM ENOUGH!  THERE IS ENOUGH!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  

Total Roma offering from the whole camp was $2465.15!  Woo Hoo!