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Take It With You 02.27.2022

A Prayer for Unity in The Church Father, God, There is so much that we allow to divide us… Political differences Denominational differences Cultural differences Different backgrounds, priorities, choices, values, The list goes on and on and on and on… Grant us wisdom-individually and collectively, Locally-Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, Globally-The Church, the global Body of […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 02-22-2022

We had a great weekend here at Snyder! Our youth hosted our “keeners” Saturday night and ushered us back to the 50s as we twisted the night away. Burgers, fries and apple pie ala mode filled the tummy as our talented youth entertained us with trivia and musical numbers. Thanks to the Keen Team planning […]

Take It With You 02.20.2022

The ancestral lineage of Jesus has been recorded according to the custom in ancient times, providing great historical documentation. Matthew’s first chapter opens with the “genealogy of Jesus the Messiah.” Many find reading the detailed list laborious, but it is quite remarkable, including five women, which is uncharacteristic of “ancient patriarchal societies” says Timothy Keller […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 02-15-2022

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I realize you’ll get The Bell after the fact; but, still….I hope you enjoyed the day to celebrate with loved ones. Becky and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on Sunday. God has blessed us to be married long enough to have a better understanding of how love changes over time. I’m grateful […]

Take It With You 02.13.2022

“Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.” There is an ancient comparison between bees and the Holy Spirit. Bees are well known for being able to dwell in a variety of vessels. For example, you could take a flowerpot and, with a […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 02-11-2022

The Family of God. We’ve been hearing Andy speak about our “Family” over the last few weeks. Each of us is a valuable and important part of this Body of Christ with our individual gifts and talents. Using those gifts and talents is how we glorify God and experience the joy of serving. One of […]

Take It With You 02.06.2022

In the same way that God has given us our physical bodies with each part working together, we each have a role in unity in the body of Christ.  If you’ve ever had surgery on a thumb or toe, (we’ve had both at our house) you find out neither are as small as you thought. […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 02-04-2022

Appointed in August, the PSC began meeting immediately, dissecting responsibilities and prioritizing tasks. With Mark Ingram voted as chairman, this committee began a time of discernment, researching various models of search committees. Mike Cogdill had recommended the Centers for Healthy Churches. This new approach brought both questions and new possibilities. In October, the PSC interviewed […]

Take It With You 01.30.2022

Today we begin a 5 week series on Being the Family of God, working and worshiping our way through several passages in the Book of Ephesians and in 1 Corinthians as we look at Commitment, Corpus (Unity), Conflict, Communication, and Communion.  It truly seems like the right word for the right time in this season […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 01-25-2022

Well, they say the first day is the toughest.   The Pastor Search Team (PST) challenged us to 40 days of prayer.  Most of us began praying the day we heard John was retiring.   Our prayer….. “Lord, you know what we need, we need a pastor who…..”.  Seems that prayer needs to be restructured with something […]