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Take It With You 12.26.2021

There is a part of the Dr. Seuss book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” called the Waiting Place, where everyone is just waiting.  Waiting for a train to go, or a bus to come, or a plane to go, or the mail to come, or the rain to go, or the phone to ring, and […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 12-21-2021

One of the many ministries making Snyder Memorial Baptist Church unique is the Music Academy. Under the direction of Joy Cogswell, the Music Academy has enjoyed twenty years of successful music education in a Christian setting. The students who have passed through the doors of each teaching studio over the years have been forever gifted […]

Take It With You 12.19.2021

Christmas Prayer for Perfect Love Elohim, Creator of all ~ You made us and delight in showing us Your earthly gifts ~ the crisp winter chill, the perfectly blue sky, a colorful pansy, sincere laughter and honest tears, heartfelt words and careful remembrance. We long to feel Your presence and to hear Your affirmations and […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 12-14-2021

Snyder has enjoyed 42 years of presenting the Singing Christmas Tree [SCT]. Even in 2020, during the height of a global pandemic, we were able to offer a special time of worship and share the Gospel message through a pre-recorded video project. We learned many things from that experience and we had a renewed sense […]

Take It With You 12.12.2021

The third Sunday of Advent was called Gaudete Sunday, with Gaudete meaning joy. As we anticipate the arrival of our Lord, we have first contemplated the Hope, and then the Peace, brought about by it. Now we consider the Joy. But first we must know what joy is. In common talk we often equate joy […]

Take It With You 12.05.2021

Take It With You…Peace and The Trouble With Christmas We might think “the trouble with Christmas” is that we’re too busy, or we can’t get everything bought, wrapped or cooked.  Maybe we can’t make family members happy with Christmas plans, or perhaps we even have too many church responsibilities.  All of these can take our […]

Take It With You 11.28.2021

Sometimes God is super direct in His messages to us: love your neighbor; have no other gods before me; be anxious for nothing but in all things, trust God.  I didn’t say these things are always easy to carry out, but they are easy to understand. Other parts of scripture are trickier.  I don’t know […]

Take It With You 11.21.2021

[Jesus to His disciples] And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” Luke 22:19 NKJV Common to Passover tradition, a blessing comes after a meal, after eating bread, a grace spoken to express […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 12-07-2021

Soli Deo Gloria. If you didn’t know what the Latin phrase meant a week ago, you for sure know now. To God Be The Glory Alone! The theme of the 2021 Singing Christmas Tree was on display Thursday through Sunday last week. I’d like to say a special thanks to Richard for putting together an […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 11-30-2021

The majority of Americans celebrating Christmas this year will get “zonked”.  The term is heard on “Let’s Make A Deal” when someone trades in a great prize for the chance of getting something bigger and better.  Our friends and neighbors will choose to place their hope in something, or someone… that will break, wear out, […]