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Pastor’s Perspective 05-20-16

Things are a little more lively than usual at our house the past few days. We picked up our daughter-in-law and two grandsons at the airport last Thursday to spend a few weeks with us while our son is deployed to Kuwait. Carson is 2 ½ and Caleb is 8 months. By the way, having […]

Pastor’s Perspective 05-13-2016

I’ve been thinking about God’s faithfulness a lot lately. Last week alone provided multiple examples. Don Orr had triple-bypass surgery on Wednesday. He was out of ICU and in a regular room in just over 24 hours and had already walked down the hallway the day after his surgery. The same day at Duke, Louise […]

Pastor’s Perspective 05-06-2016

There is a relatively new television show called Little Bigshots hosted by Steve Harvey. The series features young children from around the world with amazing talent. And personality. It is unbelievable what some of these kids are able to do. And willing to do in front of a large audience in house and on television. […]

Take It With You 05.01.2016

The Spirit-Filled Life Most cars today come equipped with GPS built in.  These Global Positioning Systems can show you where you are and how to get where you are going.  Nowadays we wouldn’t dream of driving to a new location through strange cities or areas without using our GPS, and if you bought a new car and […]

Pastor’s Perspective 04-29-2016

As I put pen to paper this week, I seem to have a few more irons in the fire than usual. But there is one that is especially hot. It is consuming a lot of my time, attention and prayers. Tuesday last week, I received one of those unexpected calls. The voice on the other […]

Take It With You 04.24.2016

What influences you?  I worry about the influences in my kids’ lives.  As they grow, I realize that more and more, I don’t have as much control over who and what influences them as I once did.  Recently, there was an unexpected “ugly word” said on a TV show we were all watching.  The kids […]

Pastor’s Perspective 04-22-16

What a great weekend to be a part of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church! Hundreds of folks from our church blitzed our community on Saturday with the love of Christ. I am grateful for, and proud of, every single person who participated. As in recent years, I am especially encouraged by the intergenerational nature of a […]

Pastor’s Perspective for April 15, 2016

I hope you enjoyed Sunday’s worship services as much as I did. It was so refreshing to listen to someone who is transparent about their life and faith journey. Poor decisions and their consequences. Lessons learned. God’s faithfulness. A passion to live the abundant Christ came to bring us. A determination to manage God’s blessings […]

Take It With You 04.10.2016

To be a good steward… In verse one of our text today, Paul urges us to, “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.” Everywhere I look in Snyder, I see stewardship on par with this request. From our greeters who stand outside no matter the weather to give a helping […]

The Post-Easter “Deflation”

No matter how hard I try to prevent it, I still seem to experience the same feeling every year. The post-Easter “deflation.” I realize it’s probably unavoidable. Mountaintop experiences wouldn’t be so special if they were sustainable to the point they become the norm. But I’m sure you can identify with what I am saying. […]