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Day 2 – Ministry Sites

MUSIC Today we had the opportunity to share music with several Haitian youth. Music is definitely in their roots. They picked up on everything very quickly. Many of the girls learned “The Cup Song” in five minutes while Mark Ingram has been trying to learn it for many days now. 😉 It was amazing to […]

“Overwhelming” & “Trust” Lessons Learned

Journaling by Katie Suggs Click here for a link showing them singing “How Great Thou Art.”   Journaling from Mary Carty Pittman

Pictures from our Team’s First Day in Haiti

Ready for the Day!   Tap Tap Ready for Worship at Terre-Noire Group pics Adults – Laurie, Gaye, Kelly, and Mary Father and Son, Dave & Ty Concert Time Patti with her new friend Family Group Richard, Mark, and Laurie on the tap tap Ally & Emma Youth singing for worship Family Group Meeting Families […]

Glorious Day!! bèl pouvwa jou

What a wonderful day of worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ! We had a chance to sing and dance at two churches. When I came to Haiti a few years ago my word of the week was broken. Everything seemed to be broken… The economy, the government, the roads, houses and even […]

Take It With You 06.05.2016

Dare to be a Daniel Daniel 6: 1-10 When I was a young child, I had an illustrated Bible from which my parents would read to me each night at bedtime. I loved the colorful, exciting pictures and the wonderful stories.  I can vividly recall the illustration of Daniel in the lions’ den: large, life-like […]

Pastor’s Perspective 06-07-16

As I put pen to paper this week, it has been exactly 37 years ago today that I graduated from West Point. Certainly the single greatest accomplishment of my life at that time and one of the greatest all-time. My four years at the Academy were profoundly life-shaping and faith-shaping. Both by desire and necessity, […]

Pastor’s Perspective 06-03-16

  Someone forwarded a picture to me months ago of a display at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Marietta, GA on Veterans’ Day last year. The restaurant had set up a “missing man” table in honor of veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation and are no longer able to share a […]

Take It With You 05.29.2016

I want to make a connection if I can and answer the question, “Why in the world are we singing a Christmas song in MAY and on a Sunday when we’re stopping to marvel at the gifts the Holy Spirit gives each one of us?” One word: Incarnation. Incarnation is how God chose to show […]

Pastor’s Perspective 05-27-16

The theme of my sermon this past Sunday has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Discerning God’s will for my life. Though I have always been active in church, and have been blessed with many wonderful spiritual teachers and mentors thru the years, I never aspired to be a […]

Take It With You 05.22.2016

This has been a tough year for me professionally. Nothing Earth-shattering or devastating; just some moments-well, several of them, if I’m being honest-when I’ve had the very clear thought that “I don’t want to do this anymore.” Not the kind of thought where a nice long weekend or spring break refreshes you and you come […]