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Kenya Mission Experience

Hello Church Family! How loving these children and people are. We were able to go to Mathare North and work in the clinic today. The ladies that I worked with in the pharmacy were so nice. I noticed that while one of the ladies and I were counting pills, she was singing a hymn in […]

Pastor’s Perspective

(The following was written for the Take It With You from Sunday’s Worship service. You can watch the sermon on our Livestream channel) http://new.livestream.com/SnyderMBC/2016-07-24 Reports of shootings and violence fill news headlines. A political season that is as divisive and polarizing as I’ve ever seen weighs on hearts and minds. And this is right here […]

Orientation Day, Mission of Hope International, Nairobi

The consequence of doing nothing, of saying nothing, is hopelessness. That is why God sends us out into the world – to say something and to do something. Today was orientation day at the school in Pangani.  The staff at Missions of Hope International gave us a nice orientation to the challenges throughout the Mathare […]

Kenya Team has landed

Traveling to a mission trip can be challenging and this one was no exception.  Planning on going through London and winding up in Zurich a day later,  for example.  This time, God used our travel to remind us to look where He is already working and be prepared to join him.  Who would think that […]

French Camp, MS Mission Team, Last Day

The Final Day! French Camp Academy Day 6  The final day came early as usual, with intentions of beating the heat. Finishing the boardwalk from the Morgan’s house to the campus quadrangle was a priority. Sawing and nailing new boards finished the unsafe walking path. Power washing the front porch of the new dorm parents […]

French Camp, MS Mission Team, Day 5 in the Heat!

FCA Day 5 Words and phrases like sacrifice, “God is working”, endurance, hardships, relationships, and patience mingle with commitments and projects and fellowship. Life is like that, woven and blended together. Certainly here at French Camp Academy everything overlaps – from everyday living to enormous responsibility, from meal preparation to crisis intervention. FCA staff wear […]

French Camp, MS Mission Team, Day 4

Mission Experience FCA Day 4 – Wednesday July 20, 2016 “Have you comprehended the expanse of the earth? …Where is the way to the dwelling of light, and where is the place of darkness… Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the cords of Orion? (Job 38:18-19,31) Tuesday night we were able […]

French Camp, MS Mission Team, Day 3

Mission Experience FCA Day 3 – July 19, 2016 A second coat of paint for the new classrooms called! Rollers and brushes and ladders were back in action. Matt and Geron climbed up the ladders while Thomas and I rolled below. Angela started in the other room, alternating walls and trim. Carl, Margaret and Lyle […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-19-2016

What a wonderful day of worship we had Sunday! I know you were excited to see Dr. Mike Cogdill back in the pulpit. For some of you newer folks, Dr. Cogdill was our interim pastor before John accepted the call to come to Snyder. Dr. Cogdill holds a special place in the Herrmanns’ hearts. He […]

French Camp Mission Update, Day 2

Mission Experience French Camp Academy Day 2 – Monday, July 18, 2016 Another hearty breakfast generously prepared by Matt and Angela started our morning at 7:00 am. By 8:00 we had walked the wooden walkway over to the main part of campus and met Jason at the Student Union. Because FCA needs additional classrooms, they […]