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Pastor’s Perspective 08-16-16

On Sunday I preached the first part of a two-part message on the 23rd Psalm. The Psalm does offer hope when He IS our Shepherd.   But, the opposite is true when He ISN’T.  If He isn’t, we find ourselves searching for peace, joy, contentment, purpose and yes, even hope, in places these deepest desires can […]

Pastor’s Perspective 8-9-16

Snyder Memorial Baptist Church folks are involved in missions all over the world, but also right here in Fayetteville, NC. Two of those ministries involve providing the worship opportunities to those who aren’t able to readily get to church on Sundays. One of those ministries meets on Sunday mornings at Fire Station #1. These firefighters […]

Pastor’s Perspective 08-2-16

  Our family is one that enjoys the Olympics every 4 years. The Games begin this week and we’ll camp in front of the TV taking in all we can. While we’ll be rooting for the USA, we’ll also admire and appreciate the talent of the athletes from other countries. As we watch an athlete […]

Final Day – Kenya Mission

Today was such a blessed day. We attended the Outreach Hope Church this morning. The Bondeni Staff sang a couple of songs as well as the praise team and one of the children. Pastor Steve preached his sermon today from the book of Genesis . This evening we were privileged to have been invited to […]

Fellowship & Joska

Last night we had a wonderful opportunity to have dinner and visit with the social workers and lead teachers from Bondeni school. It was a time of fellowship, but also learning about their lives and how we can be better partners with them to better serve the children of Bondeni. We have a list of […]

A Glorious Day! Kenya Mission Experience

Today was such a glorious day at Bondeni. We spent the morning giving the classes talks about the importance of dental hygiene and passing out toothbrushes to each child. They seemed so excited to get them. Each class gave us the ” welcome to our class ” speech and then recited bible verses or sang […]

Making a Difference

A man walked along a beach one morning when he noticed in the distance a young boy picking something up and throwing it into the ocean. Curious, he walked toward the boy to see what he was doing. As he approached, he noticed the beach awash with starfish, as far as he could see. He […]

Kenya Mission Experience – Classroom Rules

Kenyan classroom rules: 1. It is OK to come to school early. 2. It is OK to complete teacher’s work. 3. It will be OK if you keep quiet in class. 4. It is good to be neat and clean always. 5. It will be OK if you respect others. 6. It will be good […]

“I Can Only Imagine…”

‎A song a lot of us love starts out “I can only imagine” and goes on to talk about what it will be like in heaven. When I’m confronted with scenes like this, ‎I realize that I can’t even imagine being a parent to children who lived with this right outside their door. It is […]

Kenya Mission Experience “Teamwork”

I’ve been thinking a lot about team building over the last few days. While team building is not the primary purpose of short term missions, it is an added benefit of them. In our case, God is taking three people who didn’t know each other and making a team that will hopefully do something in […]