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Take It With You 08.11.19

Explore and Inspire Luke, well-educated, physician, and author of the Gospel bearing his name as well as the Book of Acts, is, as Eugene Peterson puts it,  “the only Gentile in an all-Jewish cast of New Testament writers.” He wrote in a time when Roman “peace” often came at the end of a Roman spear […]

Take It With You 08.04.19

Explore and Inspire I’m listening to my own teaching this week. For 33 years I have instructed students to read carefully, paying attention to all details and descriptions. “Don’t overlook anything,” I warn students as we read through Hamlet. “Sometimes there’s an important detail hidden in the story.” Reading this morning’s scripture on Jesus healing […]

Pastor’s Perspective 08-06-19

This past weekend was a horrific one for our nation. Two more mass shootings in less than 24 hours. 29 dead. Dozens more injured. I heard one heart-breaking story of an infant who suffered broken bones when its mother who was holding her baby was shot and killed. While the discourse is certain to become […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-30-19

I experienced something Sunday I had never experienced before. Watching my parents walk down the aisle during the invitation to join the church I am serving as pastor. They have heard me preach before. Many times. They have been among my biggest supporters throughout my decades in ministry. They have always been extremely active in […]

Kenya Mission Trip, 2019, Last Day

So actually we are sitting in JFK airport right now waiting for our flight to Charlotte.  I tried posting last night at the Nairobi airport, but wifi wasn’t enough, so trying again this morning. Yesterday, we were up early at 7:30am to catch the bus with two other groups to head to Joska Boarding School. […]

Kenya Mission Trip 2019, Day 7

I got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart.  Wow!  What a day!  We took 108 5th graders to the Animal Orphanage at the Nairobi National Park.  We rode with the children on the bus which was perfect!  They were so excited when we got on the bus (they picked us up at Gracehouse.) […]

Kenya Mission Trip 2019, Day 6

Today was our final day at Bondeni…a little sad.  We started the day with our second day of VBS…When Life is Sad…God is Good!  I shared the story of Jesus being crucified and then overcoming the world with his resurrection.  I think the children could really relate to being sad sometimes, but God is still […]

Take It With You 07.28.19

Explore and Inspire As the old country song says, “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.”  A lot of us can look back at times in our lives when our prayers went unanswered, or more accurately, the answer was “no” or “wait” but the result was better than what we had prayed for initially.  Maybe […]

Kenya Mission Trip 2019, Day 5

Another good tiring day!  We started the day with loading 82 of our 90 backpacks in the van we take to Bondeni.  We got there and the MoHI sponsorship guys were there finding all of our children.  They brought the children from the other schools for us to see.  We will see the Joska and […]

Kenya Mission Trip 2019, Day 4

Today started our VBS with the 5th graders at Bondeni.  We chose 2 of the Bible stories from our own VBS and bought crafts to go with them.  When I ordered the crafts, we didn’t know what age or how many children, so I just ordered various safari things.  Once we found out there were […]