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A Pastor’s Perspective 08-09-2022

It was a hill you could “fly” down on your bike. Coming home from Glendale Acres school I’d cross Village Drive, enter Briarwood Hills, pick up speed on Bryn Mawr and zoom down the steep hill. I’d see how far I could glide rounding the corner of Bryn Mawr and Dartmouth headed to Colgate Drive. […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 08-02-2022

Over 1 Billion dollars…….1 Billion dollars…was won by an Illinois resident this week playing Mega Millions Lottery. What do you do with that kind of money? Maybe you bought a ticket and contemplated how you’d spend it. Like most, you might even have said, “I could do a lot of good with that money.” You […]

Take It With You 07.31.2022

Perspective is helpful.  Hearing the words “it could be worse” or something akin to the sentiment can be helpful in letting us know that not all is lost, we are not at rock bottom, and that there is hope.  But we can sometimes take that notion too far.  Personally, there have been lots of times […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 07-26-2022

Who does God use in your life to bring you comfort and strength? Who is there for you when life gets overwhelming? Who listens? Who offers encouragement? As I was looking through Polly Orr’s Bible last week, I came upon a poem that captured my attention. It’s a poem she and Don gave to their […]

Take It With You 07.24.2022

How do you love someone with whom you disagree?  I’m not talking about little, insignificant disagreements.  Carolina fans can love Duke fans; trust me, I’ve seen it happen.  I’m talking about deep, fundamental differences of belief, values, and lifestyle.  How do we, people who believe in the one true God and in Jesus Christ, His […]

A Pastor’s Persepective 07-19-2022

Friends, Thank you church family.  Thank you for the time away you provided for rest and renewal during my sabbatical.  Becky and I were able to spend the majority of the time together.   Our schedules with parent responsibilities and church responsibilities hindered this over the course of the last year.  We treasured our time together. […]

Take It With You 07.17.2022

Nicholas Herman entered a religious community in France in 1666 at age 55, taking the name Brother Lawrence. Working mostly in the kitchen for twenty-five years, he became best known for his “quiet and serene faith.” What Brother Lawrence desired most was to experience the presence of God. Using various letters he wrote, a translation […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 07-12-2022

Christmas in July usually means some sort of retail store sale or some commercially driven event. Christmas in July for the church music minister, means a deadline has arrived. At Snyder, in order to stay on schedule for the Singing Christmas Tree [SCT], by July, I need to have the theme selected; the music chosen […]

Take It With You 07.10.2022

“I have often said that the sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.” -Blaise Pascal Why does this observation ring so true? Why are we never content, and constantly need things to distract us? It is often thought that worldly goods, like money and […]

Take It With You 07.03.2022

In Bible School this past week we talked and sang about “Making Waves” and how what we do can change the world around us.  Our main theme verse was, “Whoever believes in me…Rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  John 7:38. Because of Christ, if we believe in Him, we are FREE to […]