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Take It With You 05.22.2022

Dear Graduates, this is written from a parent to a child, but the sentiments reflect how we, your church family, feel as you turn the page to the next exciting chapter of your life. A Letter to my Graduate – by Dean Goodson I cannot buy you a set of morals; I cannot build you […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 05-17-2022

In April of 2020, I was scheduled to take my sabbatical.   COVID and John’s retirement caused me to push the date back to May of 2022.  Sunday, my sabbatical will begin after a 2-year delay.  The church graciously allows 9 weeks for a minister to be away (6 from the church + 3 weeks of […]

Take It With You 05.15.2022

“Come to Christ, who is the living cornerstone of God’s temple. He was rejected by the people, but He is precious to God who chose Him. And now God is building you, as living stones, into His spiritual temple. What’s more, you are God’s holy priests, who offer the spiritual sacrifices that please Him because […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 05-10-2022

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day and celebrate baptism. Mother’s Day is always good as we spend some time celebrating our mothers and mother figures in our lives. However, Baptism Sundays are always special. Baptism is an outward example of an inward transformation and should be a time of celebration. I […]

Take It With You 05.08.2022

July, 64 AD. A great fire breaks out in Rome. Whole city blocks are destroyed. Little is left untouched. The emperor, Nero, was out of town. Or, maybe he was in town. Maybe he started the fire himself. Nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that people blamed him. No matter what he […]

Take It With You 05.01.2022

What does “Missions” mean to you? My childhood Missions Memories? Giving to Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong and Heck Jones offerings. Learning “Jesus Loves Me” in Portuguese while visiting my parents’ seminary friends, who were  Brazilian Missionaries on furlough. “Mission Trips?” Taking homemade cherry jelly to shut ins.  Visiting Bessie and Mack, who were blind, and […]

Take It With You 04.24.2022

“In this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome this world. You see I’m calling the faithful to rise up and come over this world. Go, now, and live in the trouble and show them, I have overcome this world.” ~ from “This World” by G. Blankenship

A Pastor’s Perspective 05-03-2022

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks I’ve ever faced.  Bringing that (those) little one(s) home and knowing they are totally dependent on you for survival is a heavy responsibility. We were blessed over the last two weeks to participate in nine family dedications.  Ten, counting our Snyder family who […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 04-26-2022

Someone in your family probably has a tattoo.  Maybe you.  When I see someone with a “tat”, I usually ask, “What’s the story behind your tattoo?”    Saturday, I had a person out to the house to do some work whose right forearm tattoo read, “In god I trust.”   “It doesn’t mean what you think”, he […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 04-19-2022

What a wonderful week of worship and remembrance we experienced at Snyder last week.  Thanks to Richard, Giles and participants for your part in leading worship during our Maundy Thursday and Sunday services.   Thank you to Karen and her team who provided a time of reflection for our children and families during the Resurrection Celebration […]