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Take It With You 10.23.2022

Music has always had a major impact on me, allowing me to hear words in a different way, say them in a way that reaches a part of my mind and my soul in a way that reading or hearing them doesn’t always accomplish.  One of my all-time favorite worship songs is “Blessed be Your […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 10-18-2022

Lighting Up Heaven was Blake Benge’s message to us Sunday morning. God rejoices and angels sing when one who was lost “comes to one’s senses” and realizes their need. For us, we know that need for us to have a relationship with our creator, our God, was made possible through Jesus Christ. Yes, our God […]

Take It With You 10.16.2022

As one of nine appointed members to the Pastor Search Committee, I can tell you we have all been on a unique and humbling journey while seeking God’s will for Snyder’s next Senior Pastor. The significance of this responsibility has weighed heavy on each of us, with countless hours of gathering and so many words. […]

Take It With You 10.09.2022

“In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and lifted up…” In Isaiah’s vision of worship presented in chapter 6, this is how it begins. And to bring it right to the point, in the loss of a King, in that season of great change and transition, of grief and longing, what […]

Take It With You 10.02.2022

I know You’re able and I know You can. Save through the fire with Your mighty hand But even if You don’t, My hope is You alone. Mercy Me’s, “Even If” reminds us that even when God says, “no” He is still good. In Bible School a few years back, our theme was about how […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-11-22

I’d like to express my appreciation to the Missions Ministry Team, our mission partners, Susie Reeder, and all those who participated in the Missions Fair this past Sunday. There were 51 tables set up representing mission opportunities, a place for each of us to partner. I pray you found a new place of service if […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 10-04-2022

Two very important Sundays are upon us.  You need to be here because both will affect YOUR future.   The first is on October 9th.    The Holy Spirit gifted each of us with gifts, talents, and passions to serve others including our church body.  October 9th is YOUR chance to learn about each mission the church […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 09-27-2022

Spiders Web.  Platform Balance.  Thread the Snake.  These are just a few of the team-building exercises we enjoyed at Camp Rockfish this past Thursday.  The tests required us to use our minds and brawn to “win” each challenge.   As a team, we survived and triumphed!  You would have been proud. Before heading out to the […]

Take It With You 09.25.2022

We spend a lot of time in church sharing prayer requests.  Part of every Sunday school class I can ever remember was a time for classmates to share prayer requests and prayers.  We spend time sharing with each other the concerns of our lives: health problems, family concerns, work issues, and the all-encompassing unspoken request.  […]

A Pastors’ Perspective 09-20-2022

TO: Our Church Family FROM: Your Church Staff Who Loves You RE: We Miss You It’s time. You’ve thought it. You’ve felt the nudge. The Holy Spirit poked ya’ a bit. It’s time. We know it’s easy to go to church in your pajamas…or sleep in. But isn’t it time? For you? For your family? […]