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Myanmar Mission Trip – Day 6

To experience a day in a life of another person that God loves in a world so extremely different than my own is an experience I recommend for each of us. It surely helps me on my walk with the Lord in becoming a more well-rounded growing Christian. It will definitely open up your heart […]

Myanmar Mission Trip – Day 5

This morning Bruce taught about the Holy Spirit to the church plus some outlying pastors (10-3) and then have a question and answer time. We took everyone to the Golden Duck tonight. Always a highlight for me and them! (Bruce) We took everyone out to eat. The children were so excited they could not contain […]

Myanmar Mission Trip – Day 4

The Unsung Life of a Pastor’s Wife Someone should write a song about it. Or it could titled, The Silent Unseen Servant. The wife of Pastor Hung Kee Paing is who I observed today and want to give a shout out to God for. She takes care of 20 children daily and all their needs. […]

Myanmar Mission Trip – Day 3

Thanks for praying for Lisa and I while we’re ministering in Myanmar.  There is a 10 1/2 hour time difference. We left for RDU at 3:30AM on Thursday morning and arrived in Myanmar at 10:00 Friday night.  We thank God for a safe trip and that He’s provided us strength and stamina as we’ve attempted […]

Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 2

Just as an astronaut has a broader view of the whole earth from outer space, the enormity of God’s heart and the depth of his love for all people around the world was the broad view Pastor Bruce and I were blessed with witnessing and experiencing over here in Myanmar as we joined them in […]

Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 1, Saturday

Bruce and Lisa arrived safely and spent their first day in Myanmar doing VBS with the children in Victory Christian Orphanage…these children live with Hung Kee Paing and his family.  Bruce and Lisa used the same materials that we used for our VBS…God is good…. Here are few pics from the day:       […]

Take It With You 11.03.19

Explore and Inspire Last week as I was handing out a study guide for an upcoming test, my senior students started grumbling. “Another test? We have 2 other tests next week!” You can imagine their remarks. I tried to ease their concern by reviewing the items on the study guide and giving them some extra […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-29-19

There are many things I love about this church. One of those things is our generosity. We talk often about the passion our church has had over the years for missions. Making a difference in our community and in our world. A lot of that kingdom work would never happen without the generosity of our […]

Take It With You 10.27.19

Explore When you read these verses from Hebrews 12 on their own, you might think “who are these witnesses he speaks of?” You only have to look one chapter earlier to get that answer: Hebrews 11 is often referred to as the “Hall of Faith,” in which the author talks about such heroes of the […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-22-19

Sometimes my own sermon lingers in my mind and on my heart after I preach it. And not always for obvious reasons. This past Sunday’s message on “no regrets” is one example. In preparing for that sermon, I found myself replaying conversations I have had over the years with others about their regrets. Some of […]