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Pastor’s Perspective 01-21-2020

I write these words on the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and remember his dream for our country. We are still a far cry from the unity he envisioned, and in some ways are as divided as we’ve ever been. I am absolutely convinced that the only way our nation is […]

Take It With You 01.19.2020

Sidewalk Prophets sing “Come to the Table” which offers compelling and vivid images of who Jesus invites to His table. Perfect Love opens the door and invites all! We all start on the outside The outside looking in This is where grace begins We were hungry, we were thirsty With nothing left to give Oh […]

Take It With You 01.12.2020

Explore and Inspire Jesus’ invitation to brothers Peter and Andrew and James and John is one of the most vivid in my mind. I can absolutely see all of them there by the sea among the nets and boats, smells of fish and salt and the creaking docks, caught up in the only thing they’ve […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-14-2020

I already know I’m going to be in trouble come June. Our son, currently assigned here, will be leaving with his family for an 18-month school in Monterey, CA. This is a great opportunity for him professionally. And I have heard great things about the location from those who have been there. I am both […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-07-2020

I find myself unusually excited and energized about this New Year. Even acknowledging and addressing directly in my first sermon in 2020 the challenges facing the church in America today, I am optimistic about the future, and specifically about the opportunities before us here at Snyder. The potential of our church is unlimited! Especially if […]

Take It With You 01.05.2020

Explore and Inspire I love weddings!! All my favorite things in one event: fancy dresses, beautiful music, family and friends gathered, great food, and sometimes dancing! What’s not to love? My cousin’s son recently graduated from college, and over the Christmas holiday he proposed to his long-time girlfriend.  We were all thrilled. This special young […]

Pastor’s Perspective 12-30-19

I write this perspective as we all prepare to replace our 2019 calendars with a 2020 calendar. I’ve said many times before that there is nothing magical about a new year. It’s just another day with a different date. But it does provide an opportunity to reflect on the events of the past year and […]

Take It With You 12.22.2019

Explore and Inspire The Bible is quite literally filled with the word love.  There are verses that speak of God’s love for us, like John 3:16.  There are verses that describe what love looks like: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is […]

Pastor’s Perspective 12-17-19

Christmas break or winter break? Christmas tree or holiday tree? Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! These are the questions of the season in today’s culture. I haven’t been to an elementary school “Christmas” program in decades and was excited about watching my 6-year-old grandson participate in his last week. The Holly Jolly Pirates of Pinataville. […]

Take It With You 12.15.2019

Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name. Jeremiah 15:16 Explore and Inspire In more liturgical churches, this 3rd Sunday in the Advent season is called “Gaudete Sunday” from the Latin meaning “rejoice”. […]