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From The Pastor Search Committee 11-09-2021

From the Pastor Search Committee Thirty years ago the first in a series of For Dummies was introduced into print. It is an extensive series of reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered. Unfortunately, there is no such edition for Pastor Search Committees. So, how […]

Take It With You 11.07.2021

Is it really possible to be thankful in all circumstances? When the tumor is malignant, when we lose a loved one way too early, or when someone we love continues to choose an undesirable path?  How about when we’ve prayed earnestly for a baby and there’s yet another miscarriage, or when we lose a job […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 11-02-2021

Yesterday’s bulletin listed Snyder members who went home to be with the Lord over the past year.   They were indeed saints.  As I read each name, I remembered each fondly.  Those memories brought a mixture of emotions.   Sadness, in that they won’t be physically present in our lives moving forward.  Joy, in the knowledge they […]

Take It With You 10.31.2021

I remember when my Great Grandma Cannady passed. I was 12 years old. She lived with my Grandma and Papa Blankenship in my hometown, Martinsville, VA, so I saw her often. It’s funny the things you remember:  Often a card table in the den with a puzzle in progress. Her and grandma snapping beans on […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 10-26-2021

Last Saturday Becky and I were headed to Santee, SC to pick up one of our daughters for her to visit us for a few days. A short time into our journey, the “ETA” on our maps app increased our time by two hours. TWO HOURS! A burning 18 wheeler blocked the I-95 bridge near […]

Take It With You 10.24.2021

This story is dangerous.  If you read it in too narrow a way, out of context of all the other events with Moses, Aaron, the Israelites and Egyptians and God, it really makes God seem petty and nit-picky.  Moses didn’t follow God’s instructions to the letter, so he was punished in what seems like a […]

Take It With You 10.17.2021

In Psalm 29, God’s great majesty and power is revealed in nature, praised and honored in its magnitude. Thunderstorms over the ocean and falling cedar trees and “the voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness” all paint vivid pictures, as does the surrounding text. These images of God’s Power exceed our abilities and inspire our […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 10-12-2021

It’s tough being a kid today, isn’t it?  My kids encountered and processed things in middle school that I faced in high school.   My grandkids are having to process things in grade school their parents did in middle school.   I say again, “It’s tough being a kid today.”    Because it’s tough being a kid, parenting […]

Take It With You 10.10.2021

The life of Moses has been a topic of rich discussion for millenia. To this day he is considered the greatest prophet by the Jews, and in Jesus’ time he would have been considered the closest a man could get to God. But his humble birth gave no indication of that fate. How did this […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 08-05-2021

Earlier this month Naomi Courson approached me about expanding the outreach of our Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team. YES! We have an Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team that prays over your prayer concerns daily. Naomi shared a burden the Lord placed on her heart to provide an opportunity for worshippers to have someone pray with and for […]