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Take It With You 03.27.2022

What does it mean that Jesus loves me? If I ever have a hard time answering that question, I can always think, how has He shown that He loves me? He demonstrates this love through dying on the cross. He shows His love by forgiving us from our sins. Jesus gives us love and compassion. […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 03-29-2021

How about those smiling faces that led us in worship yesterday!!  The children did a wonderful job, along with their leaders, sharing the truth “Jesus Love Me (you)”.  The service was followed by our last “Congregational Conversation”. Thanks to all who participated.  Please continue to pray for our Pastor Search Team as they continue to […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 03-22-2022

I’m sure you join me in thanking our youth for leading us in worship yesterday. Steps of Faith, Youth Praise Band, Youth Choir and our student ministers put in many hours in preparation to lead us yesterday. Youth, each of you is a blessing to us. Ann Louise Ray and Matt Miller, thank you for […]

Take It With You 03.20.2022

What is God’s Word, and how do we fulfill it? God tells us many things: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; love your neighbor; honor you mother and your father. These are very applicable in our lives today, however, we all too often find ourselves in the same rinse and […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 03-15-2022

Being hard of hearing is no fun. Hearing aids have helped over the last 15 years, but don’t always provide me a clear understanding of each word being spoken in my direction. That my friends can get a man in trouble! Between the aids increasing volume and my being able to read your lips, I […]

Take It With You 03.13.2022

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I’d like us to imagine the road to Hell, and the road through Hell. Dante, the great poet, had his own literary journey through that world, described in his brilliant Inferno. We’ve all heard of the Inferno, and if we haven’t, we’ve probably seen […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 03-08-2022

I hadn’t watched more than one-quarter of a college basketball game this year.  Saturday at 6pm I sat down and committed to watching an entire game many viewed as historical.  Mike Krzyzewski coached his last game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Pre-game and post-game festivities celebrated the career and accomplishments of Coach K.  In between the […]

Take It With You 03.06.2022

Have you ever considered that Jesus was given extravagant gifts at the beginning of his earthly life and again towards the end?  Magi brought gifts and bowed down and worshiped Him, their heads at Jesus’ little baby/toddler feet, just like the last extravagant gift recorded was also at His feet.  This time though, cracked, worn, […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 03-01-2022

Friends, I just can’t get the pictures out of my mind that are showing up in social media of Christians in Ukraine praying for their country. They are meeting outside, in homes and in churches to pray. Our youth went to the Ukraine in 2007 on their International Mission trip and fell in love with […]

Take It With You 02.27.2022

A Prayer for Unity in The Church Father, God, There is so much that we allow to divide us… Political differences Denominational differences Cultural differences Different backgrounds, priorities, choices, values, The list goes on and on and on and on… Grant us wisdom-individually and collectively, Locally-Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, Globally-The Church, the global Body of […]