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Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 4

We had a great time with the children today in Taukyat…  shared story of David and Goliath and the gospel.   Taught songs about Jesus and even the adults sat close by to check out what was going on.  We shared new clothes made for the children by Betty Johnston.  We also presented them with a […]

Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 3

Today Victory Christian Church celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary.  They had been waiting for Lynne and Bruce to come to celebrate. The highlight of the day was taking Hung Kee Paing, his family and the orphans in his care to the Golden Duck Restaurant.  What a joy it was for us to see their smiling faces […]

Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 2

Today Bruce shared with the Grace Christian Ministry Congregation  (he finished James and highlighted Acts.) as  Rusty and I went to the hostel and shared with these young Buddhist women waiting to receive work visas for Singapore.  Several raised their hands to accept the Lord and 20 wanted Bibles which we went to the bookstore […]

Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 1

We arrived safely in Myanmar Thursday night around 10:30pm after almost 23 hours in the air. Friday morning came quickly as we met for our daily devotion, then breakfast.  One of our main tasks is to help Hung Kee Paing find land to build a building to serve as a church, orphanage and his home. […]

Day 3, A More Relaxed Day with Dancing and Arts & Crafts

Today was a more relaxed day, although it was good since Friday night was loud and Saturday morning started with Choir practice at 6am!  We visited the gift shop this morning and then got ready for a second ballet class and some arts & crafts. The girls were excited to come back and we spent […]

Dedication and Dancing

I’ll make this quick as I know most of you are battling Hurricane Florence.  But we had a good day today as we attended the dedication of the second building of Baryè Fè  High School.  We gotten to know the architect and the building supervisors from the US and Haiti.  I was here in 2013 and […]

We Made It!

In July a team of 8 headed down to Haiti.  We had gotten a couple of notices from the State Dept. warning about some riots and even had one the morning we were leaving.  That riot was at the airport.  But we got in the van and drove on to RDU airport.  When we got […]

Kenya mission Trip Day 6

Two words stood out to me today as we worked with the kids at Bondeni…satisfied and generous. Kathy and I have been working in crafts this week during VBS at the school. One of our projects today involved making an origami fish with a variety of scrapbook paper. Once again out of 319 kids, not […]

Kenya Mission Trip Day 5

Today will go down in my memory as a recreational day to remember. Over 300 children in five groups crossed a “free for all” mostly dirt highway and walked another 3 blocks on a dirt road in Mathare to a playground that appeared to be from the surface of the moon! It was mostly covered […]

Kenya Mission Trip Day 4

Three continents away….. Before today, Lucy was a picture on our refrigerator and some handwritten letters in the mail. Today, she became a real person. A few years ago, I picked up a photo card from a table in the gathering hall of a girl in a green and blue uniform from Bondeni named Lucy. […]