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Pastor’s Perspective 03-19-19

Like you, I’ve found it challenging to complete the reading of the Old Testament books of the Bible each week. But completing the challenge brings reward. Isn’t it amazing to see God work in the lives of simple and ordinary people to accomplish His plan? It’s a plan we see from Genesis leading to the […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-12-19

The title of the article caught my attention: “Millennials Say Evangelism is Wrong.” Dr. Alex McFarland speaks to thousands of young people each year through his national and regional apologetics conferences entitled, “Truth for a New Generation.” The conferences are designed to help students, parents, youth pastors and community members lift up the millennial generation, […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-05-19

I find myself reflecting a lot more lately on life. Its significance. How I might want to spend the rest of mine. My legacy. There are several factors contributing to this season of reflection. My age. I turned 62 in January. I realize I have a few more good years in me, but I am […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-26-19

The older I get, the more I treasure the moments we have together with our children and grandchildren. Our son’s 2-week R&R from Afghanistan earlier this month was no exception. Josh timed his R&R to hopefully be home for the birth of his third son. The plan worked beautifully! He flew into RDU on Monday […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-19-19

Not a day goes by that I am not grateful to the Lord for the work to which He has called me. As callings go, ministry may not be the easiest way to make a living. But it is the calling for which God has wired me. I find it tremendously fulfilling and have never […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-12-19

Those of us who have been in church all our lives can sometimes get too comfortable with our faith. We’ve read some of the more familiar stories in the Bible so many times they’ve lost their “wow” factor. I wonder how David really felt when he went out to do battle with Goliath. Or Shadrach, […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-05-19

I have written before about the joy of praying with my grandsons at bedtime. Most recently, Caleb (3) has been asking me to help him pray. Carson (5) asks me what else he can pray for. What a joy and a privilege to teach my grandchildren how to talk to God! My parents did the […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-29-19

It’s amazing how much someone can say in just five minutes. That was the time limit I gave to the seven individuals we ordained as deacons Sunday afternoon. Each testimony was thoughtfully prepared and well-delivered. With refreshing transparency, all seven opened their hearts to give us an inside glimpse of God’s amazing work in their […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-22-19

One of the best Bible studies I have ever done is Experiencing God by Blackaby and King. The reason I am drawn to it is because its purpose is to know and do the will of God. That ought to be the top priority for every Christian. I have never forgotten the simple premise of […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-15-19

“Game day” is a familiar term for anyone connected to the sports world. Football fans are glued to their televisions this time of year as their season comes to a close. In college football, Alabama and Clemson have dominated the field in recent years with two national championships apiece. No one expected Clemson to beat […]