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Take It With You 10.17.2021

In Psalm 29, God’s great majesty and power is revealed in nature, praised and honored in its magnitude. Thunderstorms over the ocean and falling cedar trees and “the voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness” all paint vivid pictures, as does the surrounding text. These images of God’s Power exceed our abilities and inspire our […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 10-12-2021

It’s tough being a kid today, isn’t it?  My kids encountered and processed things in middle school that I faced in high school.   My grandkids are having to process things in grade school their parents did in middle school.   I say again, “It’s tough being a kid today.”    Because it’s tough being a kid, parenting […]

Take It With You 10.10.2021

The life of Moses has been a topic of rich discussion for millenia. To this day he is considered the greatest prophet by the Jews, and in Jesus’ time he would have been considered the closest a man could get to God. But his humble birth gave no indication of that fate. How did this […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 08-05-2021

Earlier this month Naomi Courson approached me about expanding the outreach of our Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team. YES! We have an Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team that prays over your prayer concerns daily. Naomi shared a burden the Lord placed on her heart to provide an opportunity for worshippers to have someone pray with and for […]

Take It With You 10.03.2021

Our family loves to work puzzles. Many times we’ve spent a lot of time searching for one lost piece only to find it on the floor or under the box lid.  Each one of us is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the body of believers at Snyder.  I have a quote in […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 09-28-2021

We hear it all the time from friends or loved ones.   It comes with a wave or a nod.  Words of love and concern for our well-being. “Take care of yourself.”   How do you react to those words?   “You too.” is the normal response we shoot back with our own wave.   Then, we go on […]

Take It With You 09.26.2021

Identity is a tricky thing.  We tend to identify ourselves (and others) by one of three things: our relationships, our work, or our accomplishments.  I am Chris’ wife, Abi and Alex’s mom, Fred and Deborah O’Neil’s daughter, Angela and John’s sister, a member of Snyder Memorial.  I am a teacher, a director, an actor, and […]

A Pastor’s Perspective 09-21-2021

Post-Sabbatical Thoughts: Snyder is a generous church. Each member of the ministerial staff is granted a nine-week sabbatical once every seven years. This is intended as a time to rest, renew, retool, restore and re-dream. Each minister plans a sabbatical around their specific needs and interests for their current season in life and works toward […]

Take It With You 09.19.2021

Often we use the word freedom as permission to do whatever we want, whatever might satisfy our own personal desires. While it is true, freedom has wide boundaries, this is not the intention of freedom. In the Epistle of James we read about the “royal law found in Scripture” in James 2:8 which reminds, “You […]

Take It With You 09.12.2021

The Gospels, unsurprisingly, are focused on Jesus, and relatively little space in them is given exclusively to the apostles. Sure, we see how they interact with Jesus, how they talk and walk with Him. We even get an idea of some of their roles and personalities, but we don’t know much about them personally. We […]