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Kenya Mission Trip 2019, Day 3

Goodness, not sure where to start…it’s been a good day.  We started the day by going out to the new Skills Training Center at Kariobangi.  It was very impressive.  Sewing/tailoring, knitting, beading for jewelry, computer training, welding/plumbing and hairdressing/beauty are all skills that are taught there.  They were all getting ready for exams today.  They […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-23-19

It is no secret that last week was an especially challenging one for our church family. Two exceptional men – suddenly and unexpectedly – went home to be with the Lord a day apart. As Snyder does so well so often, everyone came together to minister to the two families and to one another. I […]

Kenya Mission Trip 2019, Day 2, Monday

  So today started off as if it was going to rain, but as we got going the sun came out.  We headed to Pangani (the original MoHI School) around 8am for our orientation.  There are several large groups serving here this week and we get combined with them most of the time.  Anyway, it […]

2019 Kenya Mission Trip, Sunday

Jambo! LaDonna and I arrived in Kenya around 10am (Kenya time) on Saturday morning.  We were actually a little early, so we had to wait for our transportation.  Came on to GraceHouse and and got settled in.  No plans for Saturday except to get settled and rest up (first time we have taken a flight […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-19-19

The past few days have been another sobering reminder of the brevity of life and how quickly things can change in our lives. If you are like me, life is busy… if not hectic. Most of us are running at a pace that is neither healthy nor sustainable. We try to accomplish more than we […]

Take It With You 07.14.19

Explore and Inspire You can tell a lot about a person in just three chapters. With the prophet Habakkuk that’s all we’ve got. Three chapters. But in those three chapters we find a man with a relationship with God that is real, conversational, open, and as comfortable posing the hard questions as with making bold […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-10-19

I’ll never forget what Judy Cammack said to me in September 2008 right after the church called me to be the next pastor. We ran into each other in the hallway behind the sanctuary and she said, “You’ll preach my funeral!” I had no idea at that time how special our relationship would become. I […]

Take It With You 07.07.19

Explore and Inspire A man I know felt God’s call to ministry as a young person. He knew he had talents in the areas of counseling and psychology, but he set that call aside to pursue goals in the Army.  Years of training and adventures followed: multiple overseas deployments, travel, medical and nursing studies, more […]

Take It With You 06.30.19

Explore and Inspire It’s a scary scene. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, faithful and God-trusting young men and Jewish leaders within the workings of a Babylonian government system, find themselves handcuffed and tied, led by King Nebuchadnezzar’s soldiers, and thrown into a fiery furnace burning so fiercely that it consumes the soldiers carrying out their king’s […]

Pastor’s Perspective 06-25-19

Vacation Bible School is in full swing as I pen these words. Lots of volunteers have spent many hours already gathering supplies, setting up classrooms, rehearsing music and preparing lessons. Hundreds of children will enjoy a full and fun week learning about God’s goodness in all seasons of life. Built mostly around the story of […]