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Take It With You 04.18.2021

CS Lewis once related an anecdote about being reprimanded as a child for saying he “loved” strawberries. In English we have the privilege of having two words, “love” and “like”, whereas the French only have one for both, aimer. We “like” things that are pleasurable, such as strawberries or a glass of water when we […]

Pastor’s Perspective 04-13-2021

I watched a good bit of the Masters this past weekend. One of the four major PGA championships each year and probably my favorite. Augusta National is such a beautiful golf course. The azaleas are always in full bloom around the course and add so much to the visual experience. As they do here in […]

Take It With You 04.11.2021

The forming of the first church is recorded in Acts, giving us an intimate look at its very beginnings. The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost brings a multitude of new believers and spiritual strengthening of Jesus’ followers. This new holy power energizes and expands the vision of these believers. An overwhelming sense of […]

Pastor’s Perspective 04-06-2021

I watched the best basketball game I have ever seen this past weekend. It was the second game of the Final Four matchups to determine who would play Baylor for the National Championship. Gonzaga was the favorite as the only team to be undefeated all season and blowing out most opponents by double digits. UCLA […]

Take It With You 04.04.2021

Church historians call them the Myrrh-Bearers.  Women who knew Jesus, women who loved Him, served Him, and followed Him during His earthly ministry.  Some of them watched Him die, but their devotion to Him did not end with His death on the cross. After the Passover ended, they gathered the spices and oils so they […]

Take It With You 03.28.2021

I have always read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion through a 20th/21st century Christian lens because, well, that’s the one available to me.  But as I’ve studied scripture and read more about Jewish traditions and laws laid out in the Old Testament, I have realized that the notions of clean and unclean are an integral […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-30-2021

When our son moved to northern Kentucky last summer, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we would be able to visit the Ark. We took the tour last week. Walking through the massive replica brought the biblical account to light. It is mind-boggling to think about how Noah and his […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-23-2021

If you’re a regular for our 11am traditional worship service in the Sanctuary, you were greeted by an unusual sight this past Sunday. The platform area was not populated with orchestra chairs and stringed instruments or handbell tables or majestic podium or any other of the typical items that often define that worship space and […]

Take It With You 03.21.2021

More than 2,000 years ago, with huge crowds of people coming from many places to celebrate Passover and with vendors selling their goods, Jerusalem is a city full of noise and energy. Schemes of political and religious leaders call for the crucifixion of Jesus, while the passion of Christ reveals itself in an unexpected fashion. […]

Take It With You 03.14.2021

Nothing could be dearer to Jane than the child sitting before her with a fistful of Cheerios and wearing the rest. Max the Dog is close by and ready for sweet multi-grain manna from heaven. He knows how this goes, tail awagging. Playfully, Jane hides behind her hands and incants the magic words, “Where’s Mommy? […]