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Pastor’s Perspective 03-31-2020

Both life and ministry have taught me the importance of managing expectations. When life doesn’t play out the way we expect, it can lead to more than disappointment. It can be downright devastating. Especially when our expectations are unreasonable or uninformed. My four years at West Point profoundly shaped my life. I had lived at […]

Take It With You 03.29.2020

Is anyone lost? I don’t mean like wandering in the woods lost or living without God lost, but just lost. Kind of like bouncing around as a pinball would, rambling without direction – lost. (I probably just lost some of you with the pinball reference.) I am a sports guy and we started Sprummer (North […]

Take It With You 03.22.2020

This past week has been strange. I doubt I’m the only one who feels that way, but in times like this, I find I’m not sure what to pray. In those moments, it is helpful to me to borrow prayers from others. I came across this prayer earlier this week and it was meaningful to […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-24-2020

Practice social distancing! We’ve all heard that phrase a lot lately. I understand why. It’s just that we are social creatures. At a time when we are more isolated from others than ever, we need to stay connected to each other in healthy ways. I want to share how we are doing that as a […]

Take It With You 03.15.2020

LAZARUS OF BETHANY RAISED FROM THE DEAD Jerusalem Times According to reports, Lazarus of Bethany, brother to Martha and Mary, was raised from the dead. From a well-known, affluent family, Lazarus died of an undisclosed illness. Many Jewish neighbors and friends gathered for the traditional mourning after the burial. While sitting shiva four days after […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-10-2020

In ministry, I never know what any given week might hold. I know I’ve got a sermon to prepare. I know I have some standing meetings and scheduled appointments. And I know there will be some unexpected news that will change my plans for the week. Sometimes substantially. But with these unexpected ministry opportunities come […]

Take It With You 03.08.2020

In preparation and planning for worship this morning, I came across a litany written by Fran Pratt, a woman who is prolific in writing litanies for the church. I am including it below, lightly edited and adapted for our use in worship this morning, beginning with an acknowledgment of the need for God’s presence as […]

Pastor’s Perspective 3-3-20

It is common for me to think constantly about my sermon in the days leading up to my preaching it, but my mind usually transitions quickly to the following week’s topic afterward. But last Sunday’s message – and the funeral I preached last Friday – have me thinking a lot about legacies. The legacy of […]

Take It With You 03.01.2020

Explore and Inspire The rich young ruler in today’s scripture probably looked to outsiders as though he had it all together: he didn’t lie, cheat, or steal. He followed the commandments and was a noble man. He sought out Jesus for assurance on how to earn an eternal reward and heard a shocking answer…sell everything […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-25-2020

Many of us grew up listening to Paul Harvey and his segments on “the rest of the story.” They always served to remind me that there is often a story behind what we might see or know. Time precluded me Sunday from sharing more of the stories behind some of the baptisms we witnessed. A […]