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Take It With You 11.01.2020

Explore and Inspire Last weekend my husband and I attended the funeral of my dear friend’s husband.  The service was outdoors at their family farm, and the minister shared wonderful stories about our friend Jay.  He recalled times that Jay made wise business decisions and expanded their farm, and he told stories of times that […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-27-2020

Based on my conversations in recent weeks, folks are increasingly anxious about the election. I share many of their concerns for our country and its future. At the same time, I have chosen not to worry. Chip Ingram, CEO and Teaching Pastor of Living on the Edge, published An Open Letter to Christians in America […]

Take It With You 10.25.2020

Many of the stories in the Bible ring odd to a 21st century audience.  Middle-Eastern countries from thousands of years ago had cultural norms so different from ours today, they seem almost impossible to wrap our heads around.  The story of Abigail from 1 Samuel 25 is certainly one of those stories.  If you read […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-20-2020

I have had opportunity to meet many of you but in case we have not talked yet, my name is Jon Nahlen. However, if that’s confusing, I also answer to Jon the younger, Jon the bearded one, big Jon, PJ, Pastor Alex (I don’t know either), or Second Jon. As we continue to get the […]

Take It With You 10.18.2020

All things are possible with God is a theme throughout Scripture that I spent some time studying a couple of summers ago. This idea sounds too wonderful, full of endless possibilities, and God is. God’s promises never fail; His character never changes. When life gets complicated or confusing, our human frailty begins to wonder about […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-13-2020

Though I usually try to focus on one main thought in this column, I need to communicate with you about several things on my mind this week. I know some of you are anxious to start meeting again in person for Sunday School on Sunday mornings. We’re just not there yet. We have only recently […]

Take It With You 10.11.2020

A Picture of Grace Rahab lived with her family in a home built into the thick wall that protected the ancient city of Jericho. The walls did not, however, protect them from the rumors of an advancing army whose God was delivering nearby, formidable cities to these Israelites. I imagine the days were tense and […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-06-2020

To say COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and that things are less than ideal would be a huge understatement. I mentioned a couple of Sundays ago that our daughter-in-law in California has decided to homeschool her oldest two… with a wide open 2-year-old loose in “the classroom.” Their father is also taking all his Naval […]

Take It With You 10.04.2020

I have this definition of Discipline – Knowing what you have to do; Doing it to the very best of your ability; and Doing it that way all the time. – that is seared into every fiber of my being. It has served me well as a child, a student, a coach, a military officer, […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-29-2020

One of the things I try to do when I take vacation is “unplug.” From work. From email. Even from the news. For one reason, I need to give my undivided time and attention to the family members with whom I am spending my vacation. My time with them nowadays is limited. For another, I […]