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Pastor’s Perspective 09-18-18

Some weeks I have to spend a little extra time figuring out what I want to write about in this column. Not this week. We have just weathered a hurricane of historic proportions. And we aren’t done yet. As I write these words, the Cape Fear River won’t crest for another 24-36 hours. At a […]

Day 5 in Haiti – Finishing up!

Today is our last day here in Haiti.  We started the morning off early going to each campus to visit with all our sponsored children.  We got a picture of them and then gave them their gift and got another picture.  If you’re reading this and sponsor a child, I will get your picture to […]

Day of Worship and Dance

We began our day early this morning to get to Repatriot for Hannah to dance.  We got there and had to make sure they could play the music from her phone 🙂  It worked beautifully.  First a group of girls sang and it was beautiful and then Hannah danced to “I Can Only Imagine.”  It […]

Take It With You 09.16.2018

LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens. Psalm 8:1 Who is this God? For centuries scholars and theologians and everyday people have tried to find a sufficient answer to this question. The world would have us question and argue just how this […]

Take It With You 09.09.2018

Reading through the miracles Jesus performed in the Gospel stories, we find the consistent pattern for the completion of Jesus’ work requires pure belief on our part.  Come to Jesus, and believe.  Martha, the sister of Lazarus, had many worries and questions about the state of his tomb behind the rock. “Jesus said to her, […]

Take It With You 09.02.2018

I don’t have a green thumb (see the shriveled and bug-eaten green peppers in my backyard as evidence) but I am fascinated with the world of gardening. My mom says I have a lot of my grandmother in me, a wordy and willful schoolteacher who loved to putter in her yard.  Grandma used every inch […]

Take It With You 08.26.2018

This summer has been an interesting one for me.  After 15 years of teaching high school theatre, I resigned from Cumberland County Schools and accepted a position teaching theatre at Fayetteville Technical Community College.  As I packed up my things and walked out of Terry Sanford High School for the last time in June (well, […]

Take It With You 08.19.2018

The language of prayer is full of whispers, shouts, and groans! Thomas Merton’s reflection on prayer is this: “Prayer is an expression of who we are… We are living incompleteness. We are a gap, an emptiness that calls for fulfillment.” Spiritual fulfilment evolves when we nourish our relationship with God, through Scripture and prayer. Is […]

Take It With You 08.12.2018

What do you do in the waiting? We can easily recall images of others waiting impatiently, or idly, or even becoming distracted or misguided. They are each unprepared to receive the end blessing or miss out on divine experiences entirely. I confess I haven’t always waited well. I take matters into my own hands, cop […]

Take It With You 08.05.2018

In my high school English classroom, I teach a lesson the students enjoy. Called “One Man’s Life,” the lesson begins when I give the students a handout featuring a series of checks written by a fictional Mr. William Cameron. (First, I review with the students what checks and a checkbook register are—“Oh, like a list […]