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Take It With You 08.09.2020

AN UNKNOWN GOD “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” Head bowed, face in hands, elbows on knees The hum of a lawn mower through my office window, the distant screech of the hawk perched on Snyder’s steeple The sounds of silence My breathing slows in…out…..in…….out…..… “Rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and everything […]

Pastor’s Perspective 08-04-2020

As I write the Pastor’s Perspective this afternoon, I’m paying close attention to the approaching hurricane.   I saw a comment recently that said, “Ya’ll don’t need to panic….a hurricane coming toward NC is the most normal thing that has happened in 2020.”  A hurricane…..stirred into a pot that already has COVID fears, protests, unemployment, social […]

Take It With You 08.02.2020

As I read and prayed over this week’s text, my thoughts kept returning to experiences I had the first year Andrew and I were married.  When we met, he was recovering from injuries sustained during his years of service and had begun the process to retire from the Army.  To that end, I never really […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-28-2020

   On the day I am writing this column, my dad is celebrating his 87th birthday. In fact, I’ve already received several birthday wishes from church members this morning who heard it was my birthday. It’s the other “John Cook” who is getting older today. I’m holding at 63 for now. But I’ve been thinking […]

Take It With You 07.26.2020

One of my favorite worship songs is “Blessed be Your Name” by Matt and Beth Redman. The lyrics remind us to praise God, to bless His name, in all circumstances. Here are some of the lyrics: Blessed be your name When the world’s shining down on me When the world’s all as it should be […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-21-2020

If you’ve ever flown much into or out of some of the busier airports in our country, you may have gone into a holding pattern for a period of time while the pilot was waiting for clearance from air traffic control to land. Certain life events may force us into similar holding patterns in our […]

Take It With You 7.19.2020

Explore and Inspire The Lord, the I AM, the same yesterday, today and forever is with us. This is what matters. This is our reason for confidence. – Elizabeth Elliot In the Biblical temple, in the most holy place, the Holy of Holies, blood sacrifices for atonement are offered on the mercy seat which covers […]

Pastor’s Perspective 07-15-2020

I have learned over the years that it is the simple things in life that mean the most. And I have experienced a lot more of the simple things since I became a grandfather. This has been a summer of major transitions for our family. Our one son and his family are now settled in […]

Take It With You 07.12.2020

White, Protestant, mainline churches – we don’t typically talk much about the the Devil. Yet, from beginning to end, Garden Serpent to that End of Days Deceiver, the Bible speaks of an Adversary, Satan, who, as the scriptures name him, is the Father of Lies and whose mission it is to steal, kill, and destroy. […]

Take It With You 07.05.2020

Our typical Independence Day celebrations will look very different this year.  Crowds, marching bands, fireworks, hot dogs on the grill…things we have previously taken for granted now fill our minds as wishful thinking.  As I write this, there is no definite information on the reopening of schools: will I be teaching online from home, or […]