Pastor’s Perspective 11-06-18

I got interrupted as I was putting this article together. Texting my son who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. It’s amazing what modern technology enables us to do nowadays. Using the WhatsApp app, I can text him in real time. It really is a blessing! When I was deployed to Saudi Arabia and Iraq for […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-30-18

5-28-62-65 and 70. Those were the winning numbers in last week’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot. The second largest lottery prize in history. $1.537 billion! Someone bought the winning ticket at a KC Mart in Simpsonville, SC. The odds of winning were one in 302.5 million. Slim enough for most to realize there is no need […]

New SCT Ticket Process

WE WANT MORE PEOPLE TO EXPERIENCE THE TREE. Our new ticket system will provide better stewardship of the limited seating we have in the sanctuary. SCT ADMISSION IS STILL FREE!   INSTEAD OF DONATING CANNED GOODS, we will accept monetary donations of any amount for missions. We will forward 100% of all donations collected to […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-23-18

It takes only one generation. One generation to change the course of an entire nation. We see this truth demonstrated with the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. God had freed them from slavery in Egypt and miraculously delivered them into the Promised Land. In the course of that deliverance, He instructed His people […]

2019 Ministry Resource Plan

Our 2019 Ministry Resource Plan (MRP) is simply a tool to help us GIVE to the vision that God has placed in our leader’s hearts and minds.  It’s one way to communicate the various needs of each ministry and program that our church body will seek to accomplish in 2019. Our generosity displays why we […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-09-18

I found myself thinking about the future as I drove to work this morning. The future of our country. And the future of our church. The headline on today’s local paper highlighted the Supreme Court’s shift to the right with the Senate’s confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh over the weekend. Some are jubilant about this news. […]

Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 4

We had a great time with the children today in Taukyat…  shared story of David and Goliath and the gospel.   Taught songs about Jesus and even the adults sat close by to check out what was going on.  We shared new clothes made for the children by Betty Johnston.  We also presented them with a […]

Disaster Response Options

1. PRAY Continue to pray for God’s strength, peace, and assurance to be given through His church in the days and weeks to come.  May all who have been affected by Hurricane Florence find shelter and refuge. 2. GIVE TO DISASTER RELIEF FUND Give Now Online and select the Disaster Relief Fund in the drop-down […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-02-18

Little children are notorious for saying what’s on their mind. They haven’t learned yet how to filter what comes out of their mouth. That often leads to moments of humor. And not so funny moments. I was leading a children’s sermon on the prodigal son in my first church in rural Kentucky. I asked the […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-25-18

I am still basking in the glow of Sunday’s baptisms. Between our two services, twelve individuals entered the waters of baptism wearing dark blue t-shirts with the words “I Have Decided” printed in big letters on the front. Children, teenagers and adults. Each one made a conscious decision to place their faith in Jesus Christ […]