Pastor’s Perspective 03-10-2020

In ministry, I never know what any given week might hold. I know I’ve got a sermon to prepare. I know I have some standing meetings and scheduled appointments. And I know there will be some unexpected news that will change my plans for the week. Sometimes substantially. But with these unexpected ministry opportunities come […]

Pastor’s Perspective 3-3-20

It is common for me to think constantly about my sermon in the days leading up to my preaching it, but my mind usually transitions quickly to the following week’s topic afterward. But last Sunday’s message – and the funeral I preached last Friday – have me thinking a lot about legacies. The legacy of […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-25-2020

Many of us grew up listening to Paul Harvey and his segments on “the rest of the story.” They always served to remind me that there is often a story behind what we might see or know. Time precluded me Sunday from sharing more of the stories behind some of the baptisms we witnessed. A […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-18-2020

I received an inspirational story from a church member last week that is too good not to share. I will have to summarize to fit this space. A man and his daughter had just spent about 35 hours in airports and on five consecutive flights from Raleigh, NC to get to a special celebration on […]

Pastor Perspective 02-11-2020

I know this is the week of Valentine’s Day, but I’ve got a Christmas carol going through my mind. The actual title is, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” But it is the question raised in the first verse that is ringing in my ears. Do you see what I see? Things are not always […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-04-2020

Our services Sunday proved what I already knew to be true. One of the greatest strengths of our church is the people in the pews. Some of the finest Christian men and women I have ever known. We have a great ministerial staff to be sure. But the reason our potential as a church is […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-28-2020

I remember how impactful the newly elected deacon testimonies were last year and was eagerly anticipating Sunday’s deacon ordination service. I was not disappointed. We heard about God’s faithfulness through the dark days after the premature death of a baby. A story about a nurse who persistently and patiently told everyone she met about her […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-21-2020

I write these words on the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and remember his dream for our country. We are still a far cry from the unity he envisioned, and in some ways are as divided as we’ve ever been. I am absolutely convinced that the only way our nation is […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-14-2020

I already know I’m going to be in trouble come June. Our son, currently assigned here, will be leaving with his family for an 18-month school in Monterey, CA. This is a great opportunity for him professionally. And I have heard great things about the location from those who have been there. I am both […]

Pastor’s Perspective 01-07-2020

I find myself unusually excited and energized about this New Year. Even acknowledging and addressing directly in my first sermon in 2020 the challenges facing the church in America today, I am optimistic about the future, and specifically about the opportunities before us here at Snyder. The potential of our church is unlimited! Especially if […]