Myanmar Mission Trip, Day 1, Saturday

Bruce and Lisa arrived safely and spent their first day in Myanmar doing VBS with the children in Victory Christian Orphanage…these children live with Hung Kee Paing and his family.  Bruce and Lisa used the same materials that we used for our VBS…God is good…. Here are few pics from the day:       […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-29-19

There are many things I love about this church. One of those things is our generosity. We talk often about the passion our church has had over the years for missions. Making a difference in our community and in our world. A lot of that kingdom work would never happen without the generosity of our […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-22-19

Sometimes my own sermon lingers in my mind and on my heart after I preach it. And not always for obvious reasons. This past Sunday’s message on “no regrets” is one example. In preparing for that sermon, I found myself replaying conversations I have had over the years with others about their regrets. Some of […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-15-19

Many of you may already receive the monthly newsletter from Garry Winebarger, Executive Director of the Fayetteville Area Youth for Christ. The one he wrote back in May of this year has stayed on my heart and mind ever since. Several of the Youth for Christ leaders involved in our local schools decided to have […]

Live on WCLN 105.7 FM

We are now live on Sundays at 11am on WCLN 105.7 FM.  Join us!  You can also download their app to listen to the service while you are out of town!

Pastor’s Perspective 10-08-19

I don’t know that I have ever been more tired and more energized at the same time in my entire life. Last week was absolutely amazing! The Decision America Tour at Festival Park on October 1st resulted in many decisions for Christ. Not only in our community, but in our church. In addition to those […]

Pastor’s Perspective 10-01-19

The Holy Spirit is probably the least understood and appreciated member of the Trinity. That is very unfortunate because of the significant role the Spirit plays in God’s eternal purpose. In fact, the Spirit of God appears in the second verse of the Bible. Genesis 1:2 tells us that the Spirit of God was hovering […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-24-19

      It is hard to watch someone you love struggle with something in life. A child who has a rough week at school. A soldier who comes home from deployment a different person. A family member with a debilitating or terminal condition. A loved one whose heart has been broken in a special relationship. You […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-20-19

In ten years of writing this column, I’m pretty sure I’ve never written about a deacons’ meeting before. But Sunday evening was special. By the time my turn came to speak, we had touched on all three aspects of the challenge I issued to our congregation back in January. Read. Lead. Heed. To read the […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-10-19

I knew the call was coming. It just came sooner than I expected. We were out of town with family for Labor Day. When the name showed up on my phone with an incoming call, I had to step away from the crowd to take it. It was Barbara Helton calling to let me know […]