Pastor’s Perspective 10-02-18

Little children are notorious for saying what’s on their mind. They haven’t learned yet how to filter what comes out of their mouth. That often leads to moments of humor. And not so funny moments. I was leading a children’s sermon on the prodigal son in my first church in rural Kentucky. I asked the […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-25-18

I am still basking in the glow of Sunday’s baptisms. Between our two services, twelve individuals entered the waters of baptism wearing dark blue t-shirts with the words “I Have Decided” printed in big letters on the front. Children, teenagers and adults. Each one made a conscious decision to place their faith in Jesus Christ […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-18-18

Some weeks I have to spend a little extra time figuring out what I want to write about in this column. Not this week. We have just weathered a hurricane of historic proportions. And we aren’t done yet. As I write these words, the Cape Fear River won’t crest for another 24-36 hours. At a […]

Day 5 in Haiti – Finishing up!

Today is our last day here in Haiti.  We started the morning off early going to each campus to visit with all our sponsored children.  We got a picture of them and then gave them their gift and got another picture.  If you’re reading this and sponsor a child, I will get your picture to […]

Day of Worship and Dance

We began our day early this morning to get to Repatriot for Hannah to dance.  We got there and had to make sure they could play the music from her phone 🙂  It worked beautifully.  First a group of girls sang and it was beautiful and then Hannah danced to “I Can Only Imagine.”  It […]

Dedication and Dancing

I’ll make this quick as I know most of you are battling Hurricane Florence.  But we had a good day today as we attended the dedication of the second building of Baryè Fè  High School.  We gotten to know the architect and the building supervisors from the US and Haiti.  I was here in 2013 and […]

Pastor’s Perspective 09-11-18

Sunday was another reminder of the responsibility that comes with leadership. Leaders don’t get to pick the challenges they must deal with on their watch. And good leaders don’t avoid dealing with the most challenging issues. I want to thank you for hearing my heart and for the words of affirmation many of you have […]

Music Academy

Are you interested in taking lessons in the music academy?  Check out all the variety of private and group lessons that are available. You can register online or stop by the music academy office and sign-up this week. Get contact info here.

New Church Directories

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