Pastor’s Perspective 03-31-2020

Both life and ministry have taught me the importance of managing expectations. When life doesn’t play out the way we expect, it can lead to more than disappointment. It can be downright devastating. Especially when our expectations are unreasonable or uninformed. My four years at West Point profoundly shaped my life. I had lived at […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-24-2020

Practice social distancing! We’ve all heard that phrase a lot lately. I understand why. It’s just that we are social creatures. At a time when we are more isolated from others than ever, we need to stay connected to each other in healthy ways. I want to share how we are doing that as a […]

Pastor’s Perspective 3-20-20

It is amazing how much a virus that originated halfway around the world in a city I had never heard of before has so profoundly paralyzed our entire country so quickly. Not only health-wise, but mentally, economically, socially and personally. The situation is fluid, and the end is nowhere in sight. No one knows how […]

Update on Sunday, March 15 Worship Services

Snyder Family and Friends – Given the Governor’s press conference this afternoon mandating no gatherings larger than 100 effectively immediately, we are canceling our services and Sunday School for tomorrow. Giles, his worship team and I will broadcast a live service on live stream at 8:40. The audio portion of that service will be rebroadcast […]

Pastor’s Perspective 03-10-2020

In ministry, I never know what any given week might hold. I know I’ve got a sermon to prepare. I know I have some standing meetings and scheduled appointments. And I know there will be some unexpected news that will change my plans for the week. Sometimes substantially. But with these unexpected ministry opportunities come […]

Pastor’s Perspective 3-3-20

It is common for me to think constantly about my sermon in the days leading up to my preaching it, but my mind usually transitions quickly to the following week’s topic afterward. But last Sunday’s message – and the funeral I preached last Friday – have me thinking a lot about legacies. The legacy of […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-25-2020

Many of us grew up listening to Paul Harvey and his segments on “the rest of the story.” They always served to remind me that there is often a story behind what we might see or know. Time precluded me Sunday from sharing more of the stories behind some of the baptisms we witnessed. A […]

Pastor’s Perspective 02-18-2020

I received an inspirational story from a church member last week that is too good not to share. I will have to summarize to fit this space. A man and his daughter had just spent about 35 hours in airports and on five consecutive flights from Raleigh, NC to get to a special celebration on […]

Pastor Perspective 02-11-2020

I know this is the week of Valentine’s Day, but I’ve got a Christmas carol going through my mind. The actual title is, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” But it is the question raised in the first verse that is ringing in my ears. Do you see what I see? Things are not always […]