A Pastor’s Perspective 06-22-2022

One week before, arguably, the biggest week of the summer. My office is packed with decorations, craft supplies, snacks, cardboard boxes, lots of beach balls and pool noodles. I have poured over the curriculum, prayed for leaders, and made so many to-do lists. The schedule has been gone over, tweaked, and tweaked again.

Snacks, have I ordered enough and planned for all the allergies? Are the group sizes too big? Do I have enough leaders? Is the décor going to be enough to set the scene for a fun week? Will we engage the kids or will this be too boring? Will the kids learn and understand the Biblical truths we are teaching them? My brain is fried!

Have you ever sat on the beach and watched the waves? Waves are formed by wind blowing on the surface of the water. The wind pushes some parts of the water down which, in turn, pushes other parts up. And, the more intense the wind blows, the bigger the waves. The biggest wave, the one farthest out to sea, produces another wave, which produces another one, continuously creating new waves as the water moves toward land. The motion never stops. The water is continuously moving. It’s all because of one action.

Each one of us has the ability to be that wave starter. Every time a follower of Jesus takes action to show others who God is, we set off a wave of actions that continue to the world around us. One small action. But it often takes that nudge, doesn’t it? God provides the perfect nudger, the Holy Spirit. He helps to provide that gentle breeze or the mighty gust that it takes to get us going.

Our theme for VBS is “Make Waves”. However, VBS is certainly not known for being placed in the same category as a beach getaway. The reality is, that none of my worries and stress over this week really matter. What we are doing this week may be an intentional blip on a child’s timeline, sent for a short season to convey a priceless and lasting message. And God is in control of it all. He sets the waves in motion.

So, if you’re volunteering at VBS this week, thank you! Put on your smiles, grab that coffee, and get ready to have the best time ever! You will make an impact on the life of a child this week.

The rest of you, pray for us. I mean it! Commit to pray every day. For the leaders, for energy and patience and for their lives to be impacted this week. For the kids, that they learn about God and the truths of His word and go out impacting others to follow God. And for the families, these kids will go home to, that they know the impact God is making on their child and grow themselves because of it.


Karen McAmis