A Pastor’s Perspective 12-21-2021

One of the many ministries making Snyder Memorial Baptist Church unique is the Music Academy. Under the direction of Joy Cogswell, the Music Academy has enjoyed twenty years of successful music education in a Christian setting. The students who have passed through the doors of each teaching studio over the years have been forever gifted with the experience of a healthy exposure to the wonders of making music and the unique satisfaction of personal achievement. These are priceless gifts.
Joy Cogswell, along with Amy Parker assisted by Jo Nance and others, has excelled in leading the Music Academy. Joy and Amy came as a pair. In recent years, they have reminded me that when one goes, the other goes as well. A few months ago, Joy and Amy shared their decision to retire at the end of the Spring 2022 semester. I am deeply saddened but understanding. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them. They will be missed beyond measure.
Joy has been the “face” of Snyder’s Music Academy since she and Larry Dickens began this ministry. She has built a legacy of excellence in music instruction. She has assembled many of Fayetteville’s finest musicians as instructors. She has created a safe place for learning. She has given many teachers an opportunity to become well established in our city and region and many have stayed with Snyder’s Music Academy. This atmosphere has helped cement a Christian atmosphere of music and arts learning not found anywhere else in our area.
Amy, assisted by Jo, has been the “face” of all things administrative for the Music Academy. She has done a wonderful job keeping the teachers, students and families organized and informed. She has become priceless over the years and I am personally indebted to her for her skill and Christian attitude of servant-hood.
If you see Joy, Amy or Jo, please say a word of thanks to them and for their work over the years. They will be with us through the Spring semester and will complete their tasks at the end of the recital events in April. Kudos to them for a job well-done. – Richard Suggs