A Pastor’s Perspective 12-14-2021

Snyder has enjoyed 42 years of presenting the Singing Christmas Tree [SCT]. Even in 2020, during the height of a global pandemic, we were able to offer a special time of worship and share the Gospel message through a pre-recorded video project. We learned many things from that experience and we had a renewed sense of purpose as we restarted this vital ministry. Upon completion of this year’s SCT, here are a few reminders and observations:
2021 brought an opportunity to examine our ultimate reason for doing the SCT and join God in doing the work of His ministry. Tradition is man-made and birthed in a specific season for a specific reason. God’s initiatives are timeless. We must not confuse the two. Sharing the gospel through worship, evangelism and missions are the timeless reasons for a Christmas music presentation. These elements were repeatedly recalled in the directors’ videos presented during the program. Soli Deo Gloria!
We are reminded that the structure of the SCT is the means to an end. The tree is not the reason we sing. God is the reason we sing. We were able to reset our expectations from the number who attend the event to a singular focus on God as the ultimate audience. This was freeing to the presenters. Soli Deo Gloria!
We were reminded that the construction of the tree and it’s post-event dismantle are time consuming efforts requiring many hands. This year revealed the need to “train” the next generation of helpers to provide that construction effort. We have a precious few who are able to do this. I am deeply appreciative of those who came and sacrificed time and energy to help this year. Soli Deo Gloria!
We were reminded that the financial investments committed to the worship/tech efforts are in proper order and are a necessity. The media/tech team did a tremendous job this year, led by our newest staff member, Andy Dauphinais, director of worship/tech. He and his team are simply tremendous! KUDOS tech team! You did an amazing job. The membership of Snyder Memorial would do well to concentrate efforts to complete the media/tech project began months ago. We can do so many things for the Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria!
A sincere “thanks” is extended to everyone whose efforts helped bring the 2021 SCT to life.

~ Richard