A Pastor’s Perspective 12-07-2021

Soli Deo Gloria. If you didn’t know what the Latin phrase meant a week ago, you for sure know now. To God Be The Glory Alone! The theme of the 2021 Singing Christmas Tree was on display Thursday through Sunday last week. I’d like to say a special thanks to Richard for putting together an excellent worship celebration to prepare our hearts for Christmas by praising God for the gift of Christ.

Richard, Bob, Larry and Mark each spoke by video during the Tree about it not being a performance. Truly, it’s not. It’s a presentation of the Gospel. We all are so proud that our Snyder family did an excellent job in making THAT our priority!

We glorified God playing instruments, singing, giving testimony, through ushering, security, tree construction (and tear down), assisting choir members on and off the tree, providing food and providing tech support (before and during the tree). In all, we had 330 of our Snyder family participating in making the Tree come to life and bringing glory to God.

The Tree will be down when I see you next Sunday. My heart ached a bit as piece by piece the “tree” found its way into boxes, tubs and a huge trailer. The Tree is hibernating until next year. But, that Spirit of praising and giving all glory to God continues.

The Tree has been a special gift to the community for 42 years. The Singing Christmas Tree is more than the structure. The Tree is you. Your love. Your praise. Your perseverance. Your commitment. Your testimony. Your wish for all glory to be God’s. Thank you for giving the Tree life through your participation and support. I look forward to sharing the coming weeks of Advent with you.

Well Done Snyder Memorial Baptist Church! Well done.

See you Sunday, Bruce