A Pastor’s Perspective 11-30-2021

The majority of Americans celebrating Christmas this year will get “zonked”.  The term is heard on “Let’s Make A Deal” when someone trades in a great prize for the chance of getting something bigger and better.  Our friends and neighbors will choose to place their hope in something, or someone… that will break, wear out, lose it “glitter”, or not live up to their expectations.    They’ll place their hope in receiving something, but find their hopes dashed when that something doesn’t make it under the tree.   Christmas ends up being a disappointment for many because it’s nothing more than a holiday focused on YOU getting what YOU want.

Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent.  Our focus this week is on the Hope Christ brings.  Like on “Let’s Make A Deal”, we each have a choice.  We can choose the sure thing.  The best gift is staring us right in the face with the curtain open.   There it is.   The Certain Hope that Christ provides.  Hope that we know is both eternal (heaven with Him) and with us on this earth (His presence, comfort, grace and mercy).  Christ is the sure thing.  He will not break or wear out.  He will always keep His promises and never let us down.

There are many gifts we desire in this life; but the gift we need most has already been given to us and to the world.  Jesus.  I pray that each of us has the opportunity this Christmas to share with friends and loved ones that the hope, peace, joy and love they continue hope to find in a pile of presents or in another person is only found in and through Christ.

Jesus is not just the “reason for the season”. Yes, He’s the reason we give gifts.  He’s the reason we sing.  He’s the reason we love.  Each day.  Every day.  Jesus is the reason we are able to celebrate we live with hope.

Don’t get “zonked” this Christmas.   Choose the gift that is already revealed with the curtain wide open.  Believe me, what you hope for behind curtain number 2 or under the huge box will never bring the love, joy, and peace you seek.  Choose the sure and certain hope.  Jesus.

See you Sunday!