A Pastor’s Perspective 05-17-2022

In April of 2020, I was scheduled to take my sabbatical.   COVID and John’s retirement caused me to push the date back to May of 2022.  Sunday, my sabbatical will begin after a 2-year delay.  The church graciously allows 9 weeks for a minister to be away (6 from the church + 3 weeks of personal vacation time).  Becky and I look forward to this time of rest and spiritual renewal.  While I am away you are in good hands!  Geron will be attending to office and personnel matters.  Susie will attend to education matters.   Sandy Saunders will be serving in the interim to attend to pastoral care matters (with the help of other ministers).  If you send me an email, you will most likely receive a response: “I am away from the office until July 18, please contact the Church Office at (910)  484-3191 for assistance.”  I’m going to do my best to not read or respond to church-related emails while I’m away.  My heart aches a bit as I think about separating myself from the daily responsibilities and needs of our congregation for this time.  Yet, this separation is necessary to gain the intended benefit of time away.

Thank you for the opportunity for rest and spiritual renewal.  I will continue to pray for you, our staff and the pastor search team as they continue their work.

Let me end by saying “thank you” to Richard, our choir, orchestra and accompanists for a wonderful time of worship last night.  The Spring Concert was outstanding!

Serving Together,