A Pastor’s Perspective 05-03-2022

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks I’ve ever faced.  Bringing that (those) little one(s) home and knowing they are totally dependent on you for survival is a heavy responsibility.

We were blessed over the last two weeks to participate in nine family dedications.  Ten, counting our Snyder family who dedicated ourselves to helping with each child’s spiritual development.  God has indeed blessed our families and church.

Becky and I have three daughters who’ve together been blessed with seven sons.  Like other parents and grandparents, we can’t help but ponder what this world will be like as they grow older.  One might even say we’re concerned for them and their parents.  Becky came across something Anna Davis posted that’s a good reminder of how we can rest in the Lord and speak truth into our lives and the lives of our children.  “Our children (and grandchildren) are the Lord’s. He had them come into this world at exactly the moment they did because he has a purpose for them. We can stop fretting over what they may face and direct that energy in turning their face to Him. Seriously, every time you see some lie in the culture, let it spurn you to press the truth into yourself and your children.”

Let’s all pray that our children (grandchildren and Snyder’s children) will grow to be strong and courageous in their faith.  Parents, grandparents, and Snyder family, it is our blessing, responsibility and purpose to do our part in being an example and encouragement in seeing this relationship take place in each of their lives.  Let’s turn our faces, and theirs, to face the Lord.   “Steps of Faith” led us in worship last night.  Many of these young ladies participated in family dedications right here at Snyder.  What a blessing God’s given us to see this display of their faith as they praised the Lord with their talents.   Thank you, Laurie, for the investment you’ve made in their lives over the last 16 years.

Celebrating God’s Blessings of Our Children Together,