A Pastor’s Perspective 04-19-2022

What a wonderful week of worship and remembrance we experienced at Snyder last week.  Thanks to Richard, Giles and participants for your part in leading worship during our Maundy Thursday and Sunday services.   Thank you to Karen and her team who provided a time of reflection for our children and families during the Resurrection Celebration on Saturday.

Sunday, we rejoiced together in both services as we celebrated our Risen Savior.  I hope you were able to join us.  If not, the Maundy Thursday service and both worship services should be online.

One of the songs the choir sang on Thursday night was “In My Father’s House”.  Do you remember the peace that came over you when you were invited into the Father’s House and accepted that invitation by trusting Christ as your Lord and Savior?  What peace is ours through the death and resurrection of Christ!

In my Father’s House, you will find a place in the warm embrace of an open door.

In my Father’s House, leave the past behind, come inside and find what you’re longing for.

In my Father’s House, solace can be found, comfort will surround the bruised and broken.

In my Father’s House, children live in peace, war and hatred cease and love is spoken.

In my Father’s House, in my Father’s House.

As Andy said Sunday, Christ’s resurrection made possible our resurrection from death which has already begun through the transformation He’s brought into our lives.  We are changed!  Our transformation from death into new life through our accepting Christ.  What a glorious day that will be when our souls will be united with our new bodies!

If you don’t have the peace of Christ in your heart, leave your past behind and find what you’ve longed for in Him.  Peace.  Comfort.  Forgiveness.   A New Life in Him.  Place your trust in Him.

There is reason to celebrate every new day knowing He Is Risen!

Have a wonderful week!