A Pastor’s Perspective 04-12-2022

You don’t want to miss Snyder’s Maundy Thursday service this week.  It’s an important part of preparing to celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Please make every effort to come and join us at 7pm in the Sanctuary.

Last Thursday our area directors, ministry assistants and ministry staff spent the day at Camp Rockfish in Parkton.  We called our excursion a “retreat”.  Webster defines this as “a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study or instruction under a director”.  Well, our retreat was a time for us to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of being in the office.  We prayed and meditated.  Studied….probably not.  Received instructions…..yep.  After Giles and I led in a time of worship, we were ushered to what’s known as the Group Challenge Course or GCC.  You’ll be pleased to know that we completed each challenge earning high marks from our instructor, Geo.  Per Geo, only a group of G.I.s had posted better times!   We learned we can and do communicate well (okay, there’s some room for improvement, just like in your family).  We learned Giles can in fact process and give helpful instructions faster than one might imagine.  Also, if you ever need an expert spear thrower, Jon Nahlen is your guy for distance, call on Andy D. for accuracy, and if you need a poster child for form, Sara Barefoot definitely has the pose.   Special thanks to Karen McAmis and Heather Sweeting for providing some additional team-building activities.

Our retreat reminded us of the importance of working together as a team.  In that, communication is key.  We came away knowing as a team we need to keep thinking outside the box.  We need to make definitive plans and follow through.  It’s also important we continue to utilize each other’s strengths as we plan worship and events in our specific areas of ministry.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to get away for a day of worship, team building and a time to enjoy, grow and play together.

The day was a reminder of how blessed Snyder is to have Sara, Kay, Paula, Penny and Lyn assist us in the office.  They keep things running smoothly.  Karen and Heather excel as area directors over our children’s ministry and learning center.  While not “ministers” by legal definition, they minister to our children and us keeping Christ front and center.  We’re excited Donna Davenport is the new director of the Music Academy.

Andy D. hit the road running and continues to do an excellent job with all things “tech”. Linwood graciously oversees our facilities.  Jelisa meets our food service needs.  I’m grateful for each of these fine individuals and our dedicated ministerial staff of Geron, Richard, Giles, Jon, and Susie.  Each member of our team answered a call to Snyder to serve our Lord and you for this season.   Thank you for that opportunity.

With Love and Appreciation For You,