A Pastor’s Perspective 03-01-2022

I just can’t get the pictures out of my mind that are showing up in social media of Christians in Ukraine praying for their country. They are meeting outside, in homes and in churches to pray. Our youth went to the Ukraine in 2007 on their International Mission trip and fell in love with the country and the people. That love creates great concern for friends in danger.
My “perspective” this week is short. I’m simply asking you to take time to pray. Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Pray for their safety, perseverance, strength and unity. Pray for God’s comfort and peace to come over them during this time of war. Pray for the soldiers and citizens who fight to maintain religious and personal freedom. Pray for God to reveal the Truth (Christ) to the Russian soldiers who seek to do harm. Pray for peace.
Please pray.