A Pastor’s Perspective 02-15-2022

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I realize you’ll get The Bell after the fact; but, still….I hope you enjoyed the day to celebrate with loved ones.
Becky and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on Sunday. God has blessed us to be married long enough to have a better understanding of how love changes over time. I’m grateful for the depth of His love through Christ that empowers us to love deeper than we could ever imagine.
Valentine’s Day always brings different emotions, doesn’t it. We celebrate our loved ones with a call, a card; or a little gift of flowers, candy or a ticket to a ball game (had to throw that one in for the guys). We’re grateful to share love with family and friends. Often, if not always, gratefulness shares a place in our hearts with sorrow. We remember our loving relationship with a parent, a spouse, a child, a special relative or a friend who will no longer accept an expression of our love. Perhaps you are experiencing this pain for the first time this year or your loss is still overwhelming at times. My heart breaks for you as I pray for God’s comfort.
I remember hearing during a GriefShare session hearing these words: “The depth of your sorrow is equal to the depth of your love.” I’m so thankful God provides us others to love and to love us. The cost of sorrow is worth the benefit and reward of love.
Don’t be stingy with your love. Words are appreciated……Actions speak louder….WAY LOUDER!!! Let it flow!
I appreciated Andy’s words yesterday on how to prevent conflict amongst disagreements. It’s true when we begin with unity…we can work back through the recipe for conflict by pondering our selfishness (disunity), then anger (emotions) and finally commit to working together through our disagreement and avoiding conflict. Love begins with a commitment to unity…both at church and home.
Love to You! Bruce