A Pastor’s Perspective 02-11-2022

The Family of God. We’ve been hearing Andy speak about our “Family” over the last few weeks. Each of us is a valuable and important part of this Body of Christ with our individual gifts and talents. Using those gifts and talents is how we glorify God and experience the joy of serving.
One of the ministries I appreciate here at Snyder is our Homebound Ministry. I’m thankful for Faye Bulen’s leadership in this ministry over the years. She’ll be stepping back this year and Patt Kapp will be inheriting this role.
I’ve heard folks ask, “How does someone get on the list to be visited?” If you know someone who would benefit from a visit, or you’d like a visit, you just need to call the Church Office. We’ll notify Patt and schedule a visit with you.
Maybe you’re interested in becoming a part of the ministry as a visitor. You’ll be partnered with a homebound member(s) and are asked to make a visit at least once a month. Of course, you can visit more often! The church will provide you with a gift to share with your partner a few times a year. The blessings of this shared time will be something you’ll both treasure. If you would like to become a Homebound visitor, please give Kay a call at (910) 484-3191. She’ll pass the information on to Patt.
As I listened to Andy preach these past few Sundays, I thought of how God has blessed our church family. God had gifted us to love, to share, to care, to give and to serve. We each must do our part. If you’re having trouble figuring out where you fit in and what your part is, I encourage you to contact Susie Reeder who can help you figure that out where God has gifted you.
Thank you for being an active important part of this Family of God…this Body of Christ that is Snyder Memorial Baptist Church!
It’s a pleasure to serve alongside each of you!!