A Pastor’s Perspective 02-04-2022

Appointed in August, the PSC began meeting immediately, dissecting responsibilities and prioritizing tasks. With Mark Ingram voted as chairman, this committee began a time of discernment, researching various models of search committees. Mike Cogdill had recommended the Centers for Healthy Churches. This new approach brought both questions and new possibilities. In October, the PSC interviewed the CHC for several hours trying to understand this process. After hours of discussion and more contact with Bill Wilson, the PSC decided to partner with CHC. In November, the team had a Retreat with the CHC to begin to implement this model. The 21st century has brought new and unprecedented challenges to finding a Pastor.

    In developing a PSC Covenant, we included our commitment to the PSC, to each other, to the congregation, and most importantly to God. On Sunday, January 23, we shared this covenant in the church service. The church also promised to support and participate in this process of seeking a new Pastor and to pray for the PSC, the church, and the potential candidate God is calling. Together, we all entered into a time of holy indifference, laying down our agenda and seeking God’s agenda.

    Our first Congregational Conversation was well attended. During this time of remembering Sndyer’s past, memories poured out with joy and laughter and tears. Stories about relationships filled the air while confirming a welcoming, accepting, spiritual, caring, and compassionate congregation. Involvement with mission opportunities that reached outside the walls of the church echoed around the room. In the coming weeks we will share more about what we learned, but for now this information will be used to help the PSC create a Church Profile of what the congregation values at Snyder. The next two Congregational Conversations (the present and the future) will be more opportunities for you to share. Please join us. SAVE THE DATES: February 20 and March 27.

    Commitment is something the PSC agreed to months ago. Know this is a multilayered process. We not only meet weekly at night, but individually we spend additional time in prayer, spiritual discernment, and doing related work for the PSC. We truly value your prayers and support. The 40 Days of Prayer is one project the PSC created. Please use this guide to pray along side each other for our church. Andy Wakefield said, “Unity is a commitment, not an outcome!” Let us remain committed to God’s Agenda!

Donna Oswalt – Pastor Search Committee